boAt Rockerz 510 – The Best Travel Headphone to Take on Your Next Road Trip or Flight

BoAt Rockerz 510 – Mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, road trips, flights, trains, or bus rides – We all love traveling and exploring new places. Different people travel for different reasons – some travel to escape the mundane, some like to explore new places and some travel just to have a wider world view. Whatever may be the reason or mode of travel for that matter, there is one thing that you will always find in a travellers backpack – Headphones! A good pair of headphones can be a total game-changer.

You need to have something comfortable and powerful that makes your travel much easier and enjoyable. And we have just the ones that you should definitely add to your list of travel essentials:

boAt Rockerz 510 – A splendid pair of wireless headphones that is designed with the precision of professional quality needed for the regular travelers. Read on to understand why they are the best travel headphones:

Comfortably yours!

First and foremost, they are extremely lightweight and since the chances are that you will be wearing your headphones for several long hours at a time, you will hardly feel their presence on your ears.

Weighing just around 230 grams, you can easily carry them around. The foam inside the ear cups adapts to your ears and puts just the right amount of pressure on your ears, delivering authentic sound. The softness of the faux leather on the ear pads makes it pleasurable to wear. The headband also comes with a foam, so that your skull doesn’t feel any weight!

Overall they are easy-to-use for when you’re hunting down your gate at the airport or running to catch the bus! On the top of that, the on-ear design makes them at par with the best noise canceling headphones available in the market currently!

Escaping wires

Now the whole purpose of you taking the trip is to seek freedom from the worldly things and seek solace in a remote mystical setting. Then why should you be tied down with a constant clutter of wires?

With Rockerz 510, you get an option to connect them seamlessly with your mobile over bluetooth. And hence you can count on these bluetooth headphones to provide you the freedom of movement. However, they do also support a functioning of a wired connection, you can definitely make the switch as per your convenience.

Battery that lasts long

Imagine you have trekked all the way to the top of a secluded mountain and have decided to camp at that sight so that you can witness the beauty of a mountain sunrise. And ofcourse you need your music to make that moment even more special! Hence you need a pair of headphones that can stay with you till then!

That’s exactly what boAt Rockerz 510 are about! Packed with a powerful mAh battery, these headphones ensure that you get at least 20H of non-stop and powerful music in one full charge! So whatever be it – a long flight, a never ending train ride or anything else – you can easily put them on and enjoy your movies, podcasts or music!

Drown the noises with bass full music

Whether it’s the noise from the airplane’s engine, the snoring passenger next to you, or the lovely baby screaming behind you, these headphones are your key to making your journey more peaceful. On one hand the on-ear design of the headphones restricts the outside noise entering your ears, on the other the superior audio quality of the headphones keeps you fully engrossed in your music or movie!

Especially if you are someone who enjoys loud and bass-tastic music then you won’t be disappointed at all! It delivers superior sound with perfect treble and thump. boAt signature sonic high definition sound with super extra bass makes your listening experience great. Its custom designed 50mm drivers give you a performance that you never imagined!

Calls that are always clear!

Now it’s not like you are only going to use them for listening to music or watching movies! Once you have put these on, you would not want to take them off even when you receive a call.

And guess what? You won’t even have to! These headphones with mic allow you to speak clearly. On top of that, the control buttons on the side of the cups allow you to accept or reject calls easily, without reaching out to your phone.

Oh so stylish!

You pick your outfits for a trip so that you can get amazing pictures that you can share on the gram! So why should you be negligent when it comes to your headphones? As they are definitely going to make an appearance in your pictures!

That’s why boAt’s Rockerz 510 are available in 4 super amazing colors that are just drop dead gorgeous. The smart controls on the ear cups further adds convenience to your style. You can definitely count on these to keep you high on music and on style! You can also try noise cancelling earbuds drown all the unwanted sounds and allow you to hear only what you want to hear!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets booked now as your new travel partner is all set to be with you on your next adventure!

Also, You can find more helpful resources at The Who Blog.

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