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Wireless Radio Write For Us – Guest Post, and Submit Post

Wireless Radio Write for Us

Wireless Radio Write for Us

It is a means of wireless communication that allows to transmit sounds.   Currently, many radio stations also transmit via cable, but part of their broadcasting is still carried out by wireless means.


To transmit a signal using radio waves, it is necessary to adapt the signal so that it can be sent.

The longer the wavelength to send, the longer the receiver must be to receive it. Hence the need to adapt ( modulate ) the waves when sending them. The modulation process consists of sending two combined waves: Modulating

wave : low frequency (and long wavelength) that contains the information to be transmitted.

Carrier wave : that have a high frequency (and a low wavelength) suitable for transmission. It is also usually known by the name of radio frequency because the carrier signal is in the range of radio waves.

The carrier wave does not contain information, but it acts as a means to “pack” the information of the modulator, which is what you want to send. As a superposition of the carrier and modulating waves, a signal called modulated wave is obtained . This wave contains the information and has adequate frequencies so that it can be transmitted and received .

When the modulated signal reaches the receiver, the reverse process must be carried out, that is, it separates the carrier from the modulator to extract the information. This process is called demodulation.

Modulated frequency (FM).   The frequency of the carrier wave changes as a function of the amplitude and frequency of the audio.

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