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Internet Security Write for Us

Internet Security Write for us

What is internet security?

Internet security are all those precautions that are taken to protect all the elements that are part of the network, such as infrastructure and information, which is usually the most pretentious by cyber criminals.

Computer security is accountable for creating methods, procedures and standards that are able to identify and eliminate susceptibilities in information and physical gear, such as computers.

This type of security has files, files and equipment that prevent important information from falling into the hands of the wrong people.

One of the best ways to stay threatened on the internet is through antivirus, to understand them much better, enter our course on computer viruses and antivirus.

Main risks on the internet

Some of the things that cybercriminals seek to achieve through the internet are:

  • Information theft
  • Information damage
  • Attacks on systems or equipment
  • Identity fraud
  • Sale of personal data
  • Money theft

Cybercriminals use various ways to attack a victim online, such as viruses with which they manage to compromise systems and alter the operation of electronic devices, or pishing, which consists of a cybercriminal posing as a different person by means of emails, prompt messaging or social networks to acquire intimate information such as passwords, credit cards, among others.

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