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The Converter You Need; Word To PDF Format

The Converter You Need; Word To PDF Format

Convert Word to PDF: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Libre Office, etc., are the most popular bread and butter for creating reports or documents in our daily life. Could you imagine if we don’t have any of this software?

We would still be writing on a typewriter. If you experience creating a document on a typewriter, then I could understand if you are having nightmares when making a mistake. The reason is you need to have the whole page remade for a single misspelled word or punctuation.

Converting Word to PDF made easier with PDFBear.

Resumes, reports, projects, etc., are mostly required to be in PDF format when submission. One of the common reasons PDF format is widely used is because PDF can present files or documents with those images, text, etc., independently. Luckily PDFBear is here to offer a Word to PDF converter free.

Let’s say you only have a browser on your school computer or work computer. It can still display the contents of your PDF file. That is how convenient the PDF format is. Another thing is it is easier to view pages of your documents in PDF format.

PDFBear is very easy to use. Upload your Word file, then wait for the tool to process the conversion, and it’s all good. All you need is to download the finished document. There are multiple Word formats such as DOC and DOCS; PDFBear supports both.

You may also do the opposite with this web-tool. You may convert your PDF document to Word format. It is convenient when you are given a file that you need to edit in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.

The Word to PDF tool of PDFBear is compatible on all platforms. The platforms include browsers and operating systems. You can guarantee that you can convert your document into PDF format within a couple of minutes.

What more can you do with PDFBear?

Are you still looking for other tasks that you can do with PDFBear? Yes, there is additional functionality PDFBears offers. If you have forgotten to edit something on your Word document and you already converted it to PDF with PDFBear, then worry no more. You can still edit the converted PDF file within the website.

Very convenient. Not only Word format is available for conversion using PDFBear webtool. Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML are also open for transformation in the website, vice versa. Did you forget to remove a page you don’t need on your document?

You can also remove it using PDFBear. There’s an option called split PDF, and you may use it to delete the page you don’t need within the document. How about adding a watermark and signing your document?

Fortunately, PDFBear has the option to let you sign and add a watermark to your document. The language barrier is not a problem with using this free-webtool. You may select the appropriate language you need. As for security, PDFBear ensures that they will delete the documents or files you uploaded after an hour.

If you are using Google Chrome, you may install PDFBear’s extension. It will let you be ready anytime when you need to convert a Word document or file to PDF whenever you need it.

PDF security option is available to PDFBear. Using it will let you encrypt or add a password to your converted PDF file. Unlock PDF documents are also available on the website. Options like those are handy if you are working with confidential files.

An option to upgrade your account to pro is available. You might need this if you have more documents to convert as there is a limit per day. It will also let you unlock more features of PDFBear, such as unlimited storage capacity when you are using larger documents.

How can you ensure that it is safe to use PDFBear?

The first thing is it has an HTTPS on its link, which means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Then, there are no sudden or suspicious pop-ups when clicking on any clickable links within the website.

As for the privacy statement, they ensured users that the files uploaded will be erased. They also have contact information located at the bottom of the page. You may also use the contact us option to write them an email or inquiry.


Most non-techy people will not search for tools like this. If you found this article, you are free to share it with your friends or co-workers who need it. It’s a free web-based tool and very easy to use.

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