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Tips to Optimize Your Website’s Speed for SEO

Tips to Optimize Your Website’s Speed for SEO

Optimize Your Website’s Speed for SEO: The tech sector ranks No.1 for having an economic impact in Dallas, contributing 12.4% to the local economy.

With search engines driving over 90% of all website traffic, the area has seen enormous traffic driven to the famous shopping sites. On the other hand, a website loading time longer than 4 seconds has made 90% of the audience resort to other options.

If you want to establish your brand in Dallas and survive such tough competition, you need a highly-responsive site. Engaging one of the reputed SEO agencies can be a lifesaver in achieving this goal. You can look-up and find the most suitable one for you from the Dallas SEO services. While they focus on various SEO aspects, from keyword research to link building, they give utmost importance to optimizing your website’s speed. Here are a few expert-recommended tips to improve your site speed, making it a high-performing website.

Focus on Compressing Images

A recent report suggests that updating existing content with fresh images and textual content can increase organic traffic by over 111%. But, images account for nearly 75% of your page’s weight, slowing down many eCommerce sites considerably.

The good news is SEO professionals use sophisticated compression tools to shrink the image sizes before uploading them to your website. They suggest having dimensions not more than the container size for better results.

Aim at Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Your website will work at an incredible speed by optimizing your code, removing white spaces and other unnecessary characters. To achieve higher rates, many SEO service providers remove code comments, formatting, and unused codes.

Some experts recommend tools like Closure Compiler and if you wish to have a go at minifying.

Work on Reducing Redirects

A recent SEO report suggests that a single second’s delay in page load can lead to 11% fewer page views.

One way to overcome speed issues is to reduce redirects as much as possible. There are Dallas SEO services who are experts in dealing with server-side redirects like 301 and 302. They focus on avoiding redirects in resources required for your Critical Rendering Path.

Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Dallas is capitalizing on digital retail, thanks to its 460,000 retail workers, making the city lead the nation in shopping centers per capita.

When you run such a store in Dallas, your site will work fast within Texas with all your website resources stored on local servers. But visitors outside Dallas or the state have to deal with slower load times, thanks to the servers maintained locally.

Top SEO consultants recommend a CDN that speeds up managing your site elements in strategic locations across several locations.

Focus on Using Browser Cache

Browsers keep loads of cached data from images to HTML and much more. Hence, when a visitor revisits the website, the browser doesn’t have to reload the entire page.

You will find SEO professionals suggesting tools like Yslow to confirm if you have an expiration date set for your cache, to use it to the fullest.

Dallas ranks among the nation’s top 5 hubs for tech talent, amounting to 4.9% of the overall workforce. It gives businesses in Dallas ample opportunities to explore the various facets of digital marketing. Enroll an SEO consultant to improve your website speed. With other SEO elements taken care of, you can experience an incredible online presence, raising your revenue bars through online marketing.

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