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Phone Case Write For Us – Guest Post, and Submit Post

Phone Case Write for Us

Phone Case Write for Us

You have just bought your mobile phone and you do not know how to open or remove the cover of the device.

Don’t worry, this is a fairly simple operation, although delicate for the first few times.

We show you in this article how to remove the case, shell, mattress pad or protector from your mobile phone without damaging or scratching them.

Attention, when in doubt, we strongly recommend that you approach an expert, as he or she can help you to do so.

You will find mobile phone stores in many shopping centers.

Detects the fulcrum of the case or shell on your mobile phone

The fulcrum of the case or shell is very important to detect before removing or opening the “shell” of your mobile phone . In fact, this is the part that will serve as a pivot when the case is to be removed and opened.

The best way to know the opening fulcrum of your mobile phone case is to consult the leaflet in your package.

Open the cover of your mobile phone

Now you can open the “shell” of your mobile phone! Position the back cover of your mobile towards you and hold it well with both hands.

Gently remove the casing from the side opposite the pivot point described in the previous paragraph.

For example, if you find that your mobile phone has a pivot point downward, try opening the top of the smartphone. Above all, never force or have abrupt gestures, at the risk of breaking or damaging your mobile phone. In case of doubt, do not vacillate to call an expert around you or in a specialized store.

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