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The fan cooler is that small fan that is generally installed in the cabinet of your computer ; Its main task is to ventilate the air that is inside the computer, with the sole purpose of regulating its temperature. Fan Write For Us

Today you will find it in parts that give off more heat, such as the microprocessor and on plates. Depending on the computer, it can be located in different places to give more cooling.

On desktop computers they are always on and working; while in laptops or laptops they have an on or off system always looking for energy savings.

On this page you will find everything connected to the fan cooler ; We also leave you the following link if you want to learn more about other internal components of a computer.

As already mentioned above, the fan cooler or cooler is a simple fan, whose main function is to remove heat from inside the PC and bring in fresh air to prevent its parts from overheating.

If the PC cabinet is uncovered, one or more coolers can easily be seen; Normally bolted to a block of aluminum or copper that is attached to the processor, that “block of aluminum” is called a heat sink.

The heatsinks are always located in the hottest points of a device ; In computers you will normally see them on the processor, the motherboard, the video card and even the power source itself has its own fan cooler.

Since they absorb heat and help dissipate it “that’s why it owes its original name”, it could be said that heatsinks are the best friends of fan coolers ; since they facilitate the work of eliminating heat and serve as the basis for the same fans.

What types of cooler can be found in a PC?

Basically all the types of cooler that can be seen inside a PC are the same; since they are a small fan with the sole function of regulating the temperature, having this clear we will name some:

Standard fan cooler

They are the ones that normally come in the back of the computer case; on a home computer, one of these fans is usually enough to expel the heat.

But depending on the manufacturer they can place one or more more; with the intention of improving air circulation inside the PC.

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