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Explain how Technology has Affected People’s Activity Levels

Explain how Technology has Affected People’s Activity Levels

That’s is to say, To Explain how Technology has Affected Peoples Activity Levels we say Technology has been proven to have an enormous impact on people’s physical health. For example, spending large amounts of a day glued to a screen can lead to physical health problems such as diabetes, overweight, and heart disease. In addition, technology improvement at home has reduced physical activity and time to spend on housework.

How does Technology has affected people’s activity levels physically among students?

Although technological development seems at first look a simple term, cannot approach this conception without considering two other aspects; science and society.

At present, science and Technology have substantially modified the relationship of human beings with nature and the interaction between living beings, playing an elementary role in social development. We verify this in the statement where “with a history of several decades, science, technology, and society have become, in practice, an approach to which more and more researchers join, to the extent in which awareness of the deep social roots of scientific-technological activity and the contradictory impacts that it causes on nature, society and thought.”

Technology in society can explain how Technology has affected people’s activity levelsTechnology in society can explain how Technology has affected people's activity levels

To explain how Technology has affected people’s activity levels, In the 20th century, technological achievements were impossible, with a much higher rate of development than in previous periods. The story of the automobile, radio, television and telephone modernized many millions of people’s way of life and work.

We are still ahead of that, and in recent years, the changes and achievements have been more significant. In the statement, we verify the changes above. The authors state that “the world is witnessing important transitions. Among which the following stand out: the transition from the analog era to the digital era, the transition from the microchip to nanotechnology. The transition from genetic engineering and biotechnology to genomics and the transition from automation to celebration.”

The problems caused by Technology are the consequence of the inability to predict or assess its possible negative consequences, or even its indiscriminate use. Another harmful effect of technological development is a sedentary lifestyle. Every day the industry increases its level of automation. Although this humanizes work, it is no less accurate than it is, leading to an increase in this risk factor for developing multiple diseases in humans.

Technology in Sports and Physical Education

Before starting the discussion about the specific Technology of sports and physical education. We will explain how technology has affected people’s activity levels. According to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO), “technology is conceptualized as the scientific and creative process that allows the use of tools, resources, and systems to solve problems and promote control of the natural and artificial environment in an attempt to improve the human condition.”

The importance of sport and the practice of physical activities in people’s lives

That is to say, The practice of sports or systematic methods of physical activities can completely change people’s lives. Currently, physical activities integrate a series of health treatments. For example, we can mention: treatment of heart diseases, post-operative physical recovery, combat depression and other mental illnesses, control of body weight, improve immune function, improve strength, flexibility, disposition, and combat a considerable amount of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

A considerable concern today is concerning the health of children and adolescents. With all the Technology available, electronic games, computers, television, video games, and other amusement devices, games and physical activities such as running, biking, climbing obstacles, climbing trees, and others have been completely forgotten. That brings many physical and mental problems. Well, it directly influences the physical and motor development of the individual and contributes negatively to health development.

Proposals and challenges of Technology in Sports and Physical Education

Increasingly, Technology is present in sports and culture or physical education. Based on what is written, some challenges and goals are proposed that must achieve that over time. The proposals are for the medium term because with the evolution of society, science, and Technology, we can assure that these proposals will soon be obsolete.

  • Understand that change is constant, and it is necessary to star in it;
  • Locate that education is the best means for the development of society and all of humanity;
  • Claiming that high-quality education, whether it is Physical Education or not, should be a right and a challenge for all;
  • To learn to do. Learn to learn. Learn to undertake;
  • Move your hands for the construction of a new world: between realities and utopias, desires and goals;
  • Be prepared and anticipate the following change;
  • Do not confuse modernization of devices with technological support;
  • Conceive new scenarios and technologies;
  • Act in solidarity, accepting the diversity of people and the culture of peoples;
  • Replace and develop new skills;
  • Consistently and constantly start over.

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In a certain way, Technology in sports and physical education should help solve one of the problems caused by the development of Technology itself. The ease in means of transportation, in executing work, fast and unnatural food. However, the ease in following bad habits of life is causing diseases in all of humanity. From developed countries to underdeveloped countries. Moreover, the problems caused to the environment have their consequences on the population’s health and quality of life.

The problem presented above will have to solve through the use of Technology. Either to prepare the new physical educators better or to develop better and more efficient training methods or to participate in the dissemination and awareness of the bad habits of society. Modern and the importance of the regular and systematic sports or physical activities.

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