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Why Escape Rooms Can Be Great For Team Building

Why Escape Rooms Can Be Great For Team Building

People are often occupied by busy schedules and routine roles in their everyday life, especially those with a 9-5 job. This can often be quite draining physically, mentally and even socially. This is why companies today try to focus on team building activities to build bonds between colleagues and to allow everyone to let their hair down and have some fun.

Since escape rooms are set up to display a real-life scenario it doesn’t just help break the constant monotony. As a bonus, the solutions are also applicable in real-life situations. Escape rooms like lockbustersgame, are great at helping improve team cohesion and bonding in so many ways.

Why Escape Rooms Can Be Fun for Team Building

Escape rooms have many benefits to friends, family and colleagues engaged in the game. Since you need the assistance of other team members to escape the room, the communication, coordination and interaction as you find a way out can be great at enhancing skills such as communication. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of engaging in this fun game for team building.

Boosts Interaction and Aids Assessment

When employees and managers take part in escape rooms, people can freely interact with one another. An interaction between a manager and an employee allows the manager to assess their employees revealing many different aspects of themselves. Skills like communication skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills can be checked and improved in the process and end up being beneficial in a corporate workplace setup.

Increased Productivity

Escape rooms are fun and since they involve fun activities and games, this can aid in boosting productivity among participants. The nature of the game is aimed at making the experience both fun and exciting which increases the participants’ morale. The high levels of engagement can be transferred to other areas of the participant’s life like the workplace or at home.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Escape rooms will open up a participant’s mind to possibilities. This is because they will be forced to solve puzzles and find solutions during the game. This enhances problem-solving skills. In setups such as workplaces, most people are involved in a routine of repetitive responsibilities and they don’t get to encounter new challenges limiting their innovation for problem-solving. Escape rooms allow them to go beyond the norm and think outside the box. The participants will need to think critically to find instant solutions which are also great for solving problems and issues they may face during their everyday life.

Improves Communication Skills

When going through escape rooms, every participant has to communicate with another clearly to solve the problems so that they can proceed to the next level in the game. As they communicate more, this helps improve their effectiveness in communication but also makes them more cohesive as a team, thus forming better teams.

The majority of the puzzles require teamwork to solve, for example, the deciphering of codes and finding clues. Since one cannot solve this on their own, they will need to communicate with each other strengthening their connection with each other. This can be applied to the business world where communication is key leading to higher levels of productivity.

Enables Definition of Roles in a Team

Any team building activity requires a leader and followers. With escape rooms, you can define roles within a team where they will need to cooperate and input individual participation for the game to work. The game allows the participants to realize their strengths which in turn enables them to define which roles they are best at. In the end, a participant can tell whether they fall into the category of leaders or critical thinkers.

A Feeling of Achievement

Once participants complete any game, especially successfully, there is always a sense of pride. By completing escape rooms as a team through working together to solve the game, this brings a feeling of accomplishment. It not only makes the participants feel good but also motivates them to solve more puzzles. By working together to achieve a common goal which is moving to the next level and finally escaping the room, they also build a stronger bond.

An Alternative to the In-Person Experience

With so much happening around us because of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are working from home since the social distance is the new norm. With this measure put in place, it’s impossible to hold in-person team building activities. However, virtual escape rooms pave a way for people to still engage virtually making it a good alternative to in-person team-building activities. The sessions can be organized amidst work-from-home conditions with the escape rooms costing as little as $20 per session. This is not just a cost-effective activity but it also allows your team to play from home and engage with others.


Team building is critical for boosting organizational morale and if you have a team working from home it can be tiring for your staff. Creating a work-life balance when working from home is not easy but by participating in escape rooms, you can bond together. Escape rooms can be incredibly fun.

With all the benefits that come with participating in escape rooms, they make a powerful team-building tool. They are also not that different from traditional team-building exercises and aside from being fun, good values will be instilled as part of the game. The game will help improve your morale, motivation, communication skills and productivity.

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