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5 Tools for Professionals Who Travel Frequently

5 Tools for Professionals Who Travel Frequently

Business trips are a big part of building the foundations of professionals relationships. Having personal interaction helps in effectively strengthening current or future connections with business clients, partners, and investors.

Business development professionals and entrepreneurs alike will undoubtedly agree that business travel is fun but can also be stressful. You have to come prepared and presentable to the people you will be meeting. Along with that, you still have to carry out your usual job functions and communicate with people in the office to keep the operations going. Here are five essential tools for professionals who are always on the go:

1. Travel Adapter and Charger

Almost all business today runs on technology, so you will likely carry your mobile devices with you as you travel, including your laptop and tablet. But all these run on electricity, hence a travel adapter is your best friend. A travel adapter serves as a secondary plug for different types of sockets, as they are not always the same in every country, and it should not be confused with a travel charger or converter.

The power output of electric sockets may also differ per country. A travel converter or universal power adapter is what you will need here. It will let you adjust the power output to a level compatible with your device’s requirements. Simply put, it ensures that you can still use all sockets safely for charging your devices.

Some hybrids work both as an adapter and charger or power converter too. You just have to choose which type of travel adapter or converter suits the country where you’re going. Of course, if all else fails and you don’t have access to a power source of any kind, a voicemail app is a safe contingency plan. It will store all messages that you can’t currently attend to so you can get back to them as soon as you can charge your device again.

When traveling abroad, it’s always important to have a reliable charging cable to keep your electronics powered up and ready to go. That’s why you should consider the latest charging cables from Statik. These cables are not only strong and durable, but they are also expertly organized and incredibly powerful. You can easily roll them up and take them with you wherever you go, making them the perfect accessory for any jet setter. With the latest charging cables from Statik, you can rest assured that your devices will always be fully charged, no matter where you are travelling.

2. Travel Neck Pillow

Travelers, whatever their purpose is, whether for leisure or official businesses, always have to take the opportunity to steal some shuteye while in transit. This is to gain the much-needed energy once they land. It is necessary for professionals who are traveling to get off the plane ready for business, so it is important to bring your own travel neck pillow wherever you go.

Plane rides can be pretty exhausting, and sitting for a long time during flights can make you stiff. Use your neck pillow to relax a little. It can also be more comfortable and sanitary to use your own pillow when traveling as a health precaution.

3. A Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydration is important to keep the body healthy. And for business persons who want to travel smart and pack light, a collapsible water bottle is a must. Who doesn’t get annoyed by carrying an empty water container, right? It takes up space on your luggage which you could have used for more important items. Dish the bulky containers and go for collapsible travel-friendly ones. It helps keep you hydrated, and when it’s empty, you can keep it discrete and still look very professional.

Additionally, using a reusable and collapsible water container means you can bring it and use it anywhere, reducing your disposable plastic usage. As a business professional, it is a must to be eco-conscious and contribute to global sustainability even with the smallest effort.

4. A Travel Wallet

Cash, bank cards, and business cards are a must when traveling for business. Make sure to use a separate “business travel wallet” and another for your travel and personal money for safety reasons. Stock up on business cards, especially if you are going to business forums, exhibits, and conferences or are having a meeting with people you want to establish a connection with. Pulling out a presentable and sleek wallet will always give off a professional impression.

Also, store your money in different wallets and purses in your back pocket, in your jacket or coat, and in your bag. This way, you don’t get to lose them at once, and you’ll always have some spare kept in safety.

5. Power Bank

As mentioned earlier, your business is just a tap and a click away, even during business trips thanks to technology. But power will not always readily be available, hence having a power bank ready can always help you ensure you can use your mobile phone for longer. Some really powerful power banks can even charge your laptop on the go.

Most portable power banks are now designed to be sleek and lightweight and can fit on laptop bags without bulging. You can even offer it to colleagues and the people you are meeting with should their phones run out of battery power.

Be Business-Ready Wherever You’ll Be

Bringing your business to the world is an arduous journey, but it can be a bit easier when you have the right tools with you. Plan your trips wisely and pack smart: bring just what you need, like several sets of professionals outfits and your business materials along with travel-friendly items, as mentioned earlier. This way, you’ll get to accomplish your entrepreneurial goals effectively while enjoying your stress-free business travel.

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