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What Are SOAP Notes? And How Software Can Help Chiropractors Write Them

What Are SOAP Notes? And How Software Can Help Chiropractors Write Them

All healthcare professionals make notes on charts. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and yes, even chiropractors. These notes often need to follow a specific format called SOAP. Chiropractic SOAP notes follow the same universal template. This SOAP format can easily standardize medical note-taking while ensuring compliance on many levels.

What Are Chiropractic SOAP Notes?

Chiropractic SOAP notes are simply the medical notes the chiropractor makes in your chart, only they follow a specific format:

  • S – Subjective – This is your firsthand account of your primary issue. It’s the reason you came to see the chiropractor today.
  • O – Objective – This is measurable data about the patient (you). It may include lab tests, imaging results, results of a physical exam, etc.
  • A – Assessment – This is your health provider’s assessment based on the above data, including a diagnosis and prognosis.
  • P – Plan – This is where your health provider outlines their action plan.

While chiropractic SOAP notes follow this specific format, there is additional information that can be added. This format offers a place for each type of note. For instance, the prognosis of every patient will be found in the Assessment section of the notes. Having a template like this allows health providers to get more specific with notes in their charts. If they suspect something about your condition but aren’t sure, or if they are waiting on medical tests, there is a place for that information in this format.

Why Use Chiropractic SOAP Notes Software?

Using software to write chiropractic SOAP notes makes everything easier. First, it prevents other healthcare staff from trying to decipher the penmanship of a tired chiropractor as they are tracking your progress. Chiropractic SOAP notes software gives chiropractors and staff a universal template they can follow no matter how many notes they need to make or how many times a patient returns.

The software helps reduce the workload on the administrative staff, making them more efficient and freeing them up to focus on patient care. It’s also the best way to digitize charts for better organization and note-sharing with other health providers. Digitized charts are easier and quicker to find, reducing the wait time to see the chiropractor. There’s also no danger of the charts being lost or mistakenly laid somewhere, reducing human error.

Lastly, chiropractic SOAP notes are compliant. They are HIPAA and PCI-compliant. Chiropractic SOAP notes software is also specific enough to comply with Medicare and other insurance providers. This helps reduce claim rejection and ensures claims are paid timely for services rendered. If there is an audit by chance, chiropractic SOAP notes software ensures note-taking procedures are followed, and patient medical charts are compliant.

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SOAP Notes Software Reduces Errors

In short, chiropractic SOAP notes software reduces human error and saves time for your health provider. This frees them up to focus on you. It gives them the peace of mind that they are compliant and will get paid promptly with fewer coding errors. It gives you the peace of mind that they are focusing on the remedy for your chief complaint, not the notes they’ll write later.

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