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12 Best Free Websites to Lookup & Decode Your Audi Car

12 Best Free Websites to Lookup & Decode Your Audi Car

Every car has a VIN, and it’s used to identify it and get you more information. Audi models manufactured since 1981 have the 17-digit character too, and it’s there to verify details about the vehicle, among other things.

You want to know more about the Audi, and that’s why you need to know where to get the best free decoding websites. They are all from the internet, but you could use some recommendations instead of browsing for hours just to get a reputable website.

What we have here involves collecting your VIN and feeding it on the chosen platform. So, keep reading to see the websites that will help decode and lookup an Audi in a few minutes, if not seconds.


Some websites have already mastered the art of decoding VINs and performing license plate lookups. VinPit is one of them, and all you need is to enter the Audi’s VIN and let it work on the rest after hitting the ‘Start Search’ button.

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A filtered search helps on this website so, once you locate the Audi logo, click on it and feed the VIN on the input space provided. Everything on the website is self-explanatory, thanks to the intuitive design.

Audi car VIN

It also contains information to guide you in the decoding process. Therefore, nothing gets stuck when you choose it as your lookup and decoding platform. Where does the data come from as you decode?

At VinPit, you get the details from the DMV, NMVTIS, insurance companies, car dealers, and other authorized sources. It covers 50 states in the US which means the database is quite comprehensive here.

Once you check the Audi VIN, the platform will show you the following:

  • The manufacturer details
  • Body type, model, and transmission
  • Whether the VIN is legit
  • The assembly plant and the sequence number while on the line
  • Accidents and theft reports
  • Mileage
  • Lien and repossession
  • The current market value
  • Etc.

There’s more to add to the list, which means we cannot exhaust what you get. It’s much better when you visit the website for additional information. You don’t need to sign up here or answer survey questions to get the report.

Furthermore, the information you get is downloadable. As we said before, you can also perform a license plate lookup too. It also supports other car models, so there is no problem using it to look up a Mercedes or your favorite model before purchasing it.

If you are getting a used Audi, VinPit will help in telling whether it’s roadworthy. The seller will never tell you everything, and that is why you need such a website to retrieve the hidden pieces.

If you have any questions or suggestions, the support team is available 24/7 to answer you and offer the needed help.

VIN Decoderz

Via VIN Decoderz, you can also get more information about the Audi in question. Being web-based makes the decoding exercise easier since you only need the VIN and an internet connection.

The lookup and decoding will reveal details about the make, manufacturer, country of origin, and assembly plant. You can also know the theft history, previous owners, mileage, insurance, and whether there are any recalls.

VIN Decoderz will also serve you best if you want to know the correct parts for your Audi.


An Audi’s Vin is just like a human fingerprint. VinCheck.Info understands that, and that’s why it’s easy for the platform to detect if a VIN is fake. The website is free to use, and all it requires is the VIN characters.

Decoding here takes a few minutes. The looked-up information will contain the vehicle specifications, fuel efficiency, parts, the current market value, inspection reports, warranty, and the safety rating.


YouCanic also offers a free way to check on an Audi’s VIN. The website may not have the best user interface, but it will help in decoding and explaining what the characters represent.

There is ample information on what happens when you decode the Audi Vin via YouCanic. It will also go-ahead to reveal the model details, year of manufacture, transmission, and other car specifications. More data will include ownership details and maintenance history.


The 17-digit character can also be decoded when you use the MyFreeVIN website for the lookup. It’s pretty direct here since the input field is at the top. Once you hit the search button, the vehicle specifications and its history will roll out.

Using this site is helpful since you will get all the Audi details from past owners to whether it’s safe for the road. You can also use the site to check on other car models, motorbikes, and RVs.

Decode the VIN

This is a simplified website with the input field at the top. Therefore, all you need is input the Audi’s VIN and let the platform do its magic. It supports the 17-digit standard, which means you cannot use it to look up an Audi made before 1981.

Decoding the VIN will help you make an informed decision about the Audi by giving you the information you deserve. It will include the available trims and styles, engine details, colors, technical specifications, and whether it’s safe for the road.


This is another user-friendly website that you can use to tell you more about the Audi. It’s based in Europe, meaning it’s suitable if you want to check cars imported from that continent.

Looking up the VIN only needs you to enter the 17 characters on the input tab. In return, you get details about the body, engine, the right parts, and whether the VIN is fake. For the history part, you get previous ownerships, warranty information, and if the car has undergone severe catastrophes such as floods and fire.


AudiVIN is a website specialized in checking the Audi models. Therefore, it will give meaning to every character on the VIN after the input and hitting the search button. Since it’s specialized for the model, you will get detailed reports with every lookup.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to know what’s coming next in the world of decoding and Audis in general.


CarVertical is a major website that deals with decoding for various car models, and Audi is one of them. So, your VIN input will deliver the world manufacturer details, the identification number, and the description.

Once you decode using CarVertical, you will reveal information about the accidents, mileage and whether it’s tampered with, ownership details, and more. The platform also includes comments from individuals. So, it’s not a wonder to see photos of the Audi too.


FaxVIN will also help you know where your Audi was made, among other details. It will also reveal the model specifications, the original color, and who are the past owners. If you have several Audi VINs to look up, they may have different origins.

The reason behind this is that the car has several assembly plants in various countries. The best part is that you can use FaxVIN to decode them all and get all the other extra details. The website will also include relevant information that reflects on the car’s history.


It may not have an attractive user interface, but it has the Audi category among other numerous models. The input field is visible, and you will always get the information you need from who the manufacturer is to whether the car was stolen.

Vehicle Identification Number Website

Lastly, here is a website that will decode and look up all your VINs as long as the car is in the US. It also doesn’t have the best interface, but there are ample Audi models included here. The website gets data from federal sources and private institutions such as insurance companies and car dealerships.


Audi is a classy car that you will enjoy riding on the highway. To avoid disappointments that come from the lack of knowledge, it’s a good idea to check on it. VinPit is one of the best websites to help you decode the VIN and get more information.

If you want to verify the data you get, the other websites on the list will help you out.

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