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The 10 MUST Buy Things In Kolkata Markets
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The 10 MUST Buy Things In Kolkata Markets

The 10 MUST Buy Things In Kolkata Markets

Hi, if you are wondering what to buy in Kolkata and going through a headache. Here is our article for saving you. In this article, we will tell the 10 must buy things in Kolkata Markets and also the importance of each of them. So, let us start.

Kolkata is the city of West Bengal, India. It was also called as Calcutta. It is the seven largest city of India. Kolkata is the capital of the state West Bengal. It is located on the east side of West Bengal. The Kolkata is famous for Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge. The population of Kolkata is 6,386,000.

Here are 10 things to look out for at the City of Joy’s markets.

The 10 MUST Buy Things In Kolkata Markets

  1. Terracotta souvenirs

Due to its natural composition, terracotta can absorb moisture, making it ideal for storing and cooking food. Its versatility ranges from artistic decorative pieces to simple tableware and embodies a timeless elegance that fascinates craftsmen and enthusiasts alike.

  1. Sholapith Handicrafts

Traditionally, Shola marrow products were used to decorate Hindu idols and to make headgear for brides and grooms for a traditional Bengali wedding. Historically, Sholapith crafts have been widely used in home decoration, such as Hindu gods and art objects.

Another legend connects the origin of Sholapith with Lord Krishna. It is believed that the Brahmins offered Sholapith garlands as sacrifices during the birth of Krishna and this is how the craft is said to have originated.

  1. Shell bracelets

Shell bangles, called shankha, hold a special place in the culture of Bengal, where they are an indicator of married Hindu women and are often worn with other bangles made of pola or coral. Shankha and Pola are worn on both hands, with an iron bangle in between on the left hand.

  1. Kantha, Baluchari and Tant sarees

Kantha, also spelled Kanta or Qanta, is a type of embroidery craft in Bangladesh and the eastern regions of India, particularly in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Odisha. In Odisha, old saris are stacked on top of each other and hand-sewn together to form a thin cushion.

The name Baluchari came about because the weaving of these saris began around 500 years ago in a small village called Baluchar.

Tant Sari is a traditional Bengali sari originating from the eastern part of the Bengal region and is commonly worn by Bengali women. Tant saris are woven from cotton threads and are characterized by their lightness and transparency.

  1. Dokra crafts

This is a technique using non-ferrous metals known as lost wax casting or cire perdue (in French). This technique is known to have existed for almost 4000 years. A statue of a dancing doll unearthed at Mohenjo-Daro is the oldest known lost wax artifact.

  1. The immortal paintings of Kalighat

The Kalighat and Kalighat Patachitra paintings depict various themes such as gods and goddesses and the culture of Bengal. Some paintings are about Hindu deities like Ma Durga, Kali, Lord Shiva and other mythological characters.

  1. Authentic Kurtas

A kurta is a long, loose-fitting shirt commonly worn in South Asia. In Indian cities, it is common for men and women to wear kurtas with jeans. A kurta is a type of collarless long tunic or blouse.

  1. Sweets, sweeter, Bengali sweets

Most of the sweets in Kolkata are based on chhana or paneer and shandesh or sondesh is what the city is known for. Light and melt-in-your-mouth: Mishti is made by kneading and rubbing paneer with powdered sugar until it has a light and creamy consistency.

  1. Bamboo, jute and putul

Jute and bamboo products have returned home after a long time. The eternal and forgotten art of weaving jute and bamboo products is the artistic heritage of Kolkata.

Village children enjoy potholes, which have penetrated urban culture as attractive living room art.

  1. Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea is a kind of black tea produced in India. Darjeeling tea has a fruity aroma and, depending on how it is prepared, a golden or bronze color. Tea experts say it has notes (flavors) of citrus, floral and even herbal quality. Darjeeling has a sweeter and less bitter taste than other forms of black tea.


As you shop, eat and daydream through the streets of Kolkata during the sugar rush, make sure you have all these delights packed and ready.

Be sure to store terra cotta and other fragile items securely in bubble wrap. I hope you find this post informative. Please give your feedback in the comment section.

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