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A step-to-step Guide on Starting your Online Tutor Journey 
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A step-to-step Guide on Starting your Online Tutor Journey 

Guide on Starting your Online Tutor Journey  – Starting a career in online tutoring nowadays in such challenging times might seem like a reasonable offer for many people.

Do you have proficient skills and want to help other people with languages or other subjects?

That’s great, in this article we are going to talk about how you can make a living from home and be the teacher of people using technology because safety comes first and knowledge comes second.

So, you might be asking yourself: “How can I start a career as an online tutor?”

First, you need to decide if you want to work with tutoring companies from home or you want to establish one.

You might as well follow these tips on your road to the online tutor job acceleration process.

View and analyze terms and requirements

Depending on the subject you are choosing for your tutoring job online, you should be aware of the training and education certificates you need to have.

With that being said, if you want to be a teacher of languages, then you might not need a special degree or university one, but you at least need to know the language proficiently.

This happens if you have lived in a certain country, have parents or siblings to whom you are communicating in that language and you know it as your name.

Most tutoring jobs would need a special degree or at least a certificate in that area. If you already have it, then you are good to proceed to the next steps.

It is a pretty simple process. If someone is looking for information to receive from other people, they do want to know their further qualifications and would need specialists and experts in the field.

When everything is in terms of qualification and prior experience in the field, then you can freely start your teaching journey on Preply, for example.

Know your niche and base clients

Decide in what subject you want to start your online tutor job. If you know this, then you should make sure you know the level of expertise you can provide.

What is your goal? What’s the level of proficiency you can provide to teach other people? If you are a bachelor or a master of your subject, then you can present full lectures to people and guide them to excellence.

But if you have only verbal experience, then the options for you are decreasing. You should only target people who are interested in the matter enough to pay and receive basic information on multiple subjects.

However, if you are a professional teacher, you can make good amounts of money from online tutoring because people would always look for “the better” ones in a specific field and pay for education.

Here are some final tips when you consider getting into the work of online tutoring:

  • Pick your niche and be proficient at it
  • Get to know your students (What level they are and what do they want to achieve)
  • Pick a small group of people at first (Increase gradually)
  • Know your worth and improve daily (Increase your potential and attract more customers)

The selection of your subject

What are you passionate about? If it is languages, then pick that and master it. If it is math, then start right and be a mathematics master.

It seems easier said than done but it’s a fact. It might take years for some people to get to the highest level of learning in a niche but we are sure you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Select subjects that are “naturally” easier for you. If you know what you want and think that your brain works that way, then give it try.

It is shown from many studies that people learn and teach when they love what they do instead of pushing in the wrong direction.

Be able to write a proper curriculum

This also comes with experience, but if you want your students to get right into your method of teaching, then you should be able to make the perfect curriculum design.

Engagement and dedication to high results are the two factors that should lead you to the path of success.

When you manage to engage more people and they get right the methods you are using for teaching, then the whole process becomes like an unstoppable bond between a teacher and a student.

With that being said, if some students are feeling calm to be tutored individually, then you should have a schedule for them and make sure you understand their needs, learning process, and speed.

When it comes to curriculum, you can learn to create valuable worksheets, pre-recorded lectures, assignments, and tests that would help when something unfamiliar comes along the way.

Rescheduling your lectures and classes between different hours or business days is also important.

Sometimes people or you as a teacher would have a family or a professional obligation and this requires sacrifice.

Deciding the platform for online tutoring

That’s right. There are many platforms but you should make sure you work with the best one. You and your students deserve quality connection at all times and easy accession during the lectures.

Make sure you do your research on the most famous platforms, what do they have to offer and what would be more beneficial for your working model.


Anyone can start an online tutoring job and make a living off of it. You should be determined for new experiences and learn through the process.

Not only do students learn from teachers but it is also vice versa. You can master your craft and bring the best possible service around your town or country when it comes to teaching online.

In these times of COVID-19, you can make a huge impact through technology, so why not take a chance and change your working method for the better?

Choose safety and work with tens of students every day. That’s the way to change learning for the better.


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