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How Does School ERP Help In Analyzing Student Performance?
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How Does School ERP Help In Analyzing Student Performance?

School ERP Help In Analyzing Student Performance – In the traditional teaching-learning method when teachers have to analyze and assess students’ learning progress, they take tests and examinations conducted, but they still are. However, since learning has shifted online and teachers and schools are using institute ERP to teach students the whole mechanism of teaching and learning has changed.

School ERP system is software that schools and educational institutes use to manage their tasks, communicate, and track the overall progress of students in one place.

You might be aware that ERP is used by school administration to manage the school’s day-to-day activities, but did you know that it can be used by teachers to analyze students’ academic progress too? Yes, that’s right school ERP’s task is not only to manage school but to assess students’ learning too.

In this article, you will get informed on how ERP helps in analyzing students’ performance.

Assignment Management System: Assignments are one great part of analyzing students’ performance and the academic progress they made. Usually, when teachers used to give assignments to students they would do them in notebooks, and then submit them the next day after which teachers would grade them and give feedback. However, using the assignment management system of ERP, teachers can create an online assignment for students, which they would do online and submit online. This means faster grading and giving feedback to students.

Examination Management System: Exams are one of the most cardinal and preferred ways of analyzing students’ learning. This is why schools conduct exams half-yearly and final exams. But as teachers and school authorities may know that conducting examinations is not an easy task itself, from creating question papers for different grade students to making accurate sitting arrangements everything needs to be done perfectly. However, since online learning is done online then conducting exams has to be done online too. Using the examination management system of ERP, teachers and school administrators can create question papers and distribute them online to students. And students can attempt papers online and submit them online too, and all this will be done hassle-free using ERP.

Attendance Management System: Assignments and exams are not the only ways to analyze the student’s progress, student’s attendance and presence in school is also an indicator. Whether students are learning online or attending classes physically they need to be present so they can learn and experience a school learning experience. The school Erps’s attendance management system keeps track of students’ login hours for online classes and attendance for offline classes. This way whenever a student’s attendance falls short teachers can notify the student’s parents.

LMS Course Certifications: Using school LMS teachers can create personalized online learning courses which have everything, from visually appealing and informative educational videos to testing assignments and worksheets. And when students learn from these courses and complete all the assignments and worksheets to earn the course certification, this is the best way to analyze the student’s academic progress and skills.

Communication Panel: Lecturing students and writing feedback on assignments is not the only way to teach and guide students. There should be a place where students can discuss their issues with teachers face-to-face. The online communication module of ERP makes this possible, using this module students and teachers can arrange a virtual meeting and can discuss each other; concerns. Not just students, teachers, parents, and teachers can also discuss students’ progress. This way everyone, students, teachers, and parents will stay involved in every step of student learning, which is good for students as this way they can thrive academically and in the right light of guidance.

Report Analysis: The biggest and clear indication of students’ learning progress is the report of students. Earlier, teachers were the ones who used to create students’ report cards based on their marks, attendance, and overall behavior in school. However, since the ERP for institutes is being used, teachers don’t need to do this manual work. The report analysis feature of school ERP has all the details that the teachers need, from students’ attendance reports to their marks in exams the report analysis has every detail. Which is the best way to analyze students’ performance.

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