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Polygonle, Play Wordle Unlimited’s Polygonle Unlimited game.

Polygonle, Play Wordle Unlimited’s Polygonle Unlimited game.


Polygonle is a word puzzle game where your task is to unscramble a hidden word. At the beginning of the game, you will see a sequence of polygons whose number is equal to the length of the word. Similar polygons mean the same letters, so you should put the same letters in places with identical and different letters in areas with other polygons. Follow the colored prompts to guess the daily polygon in six tries!

How to Play Polygonle?

How to Play Polygonle?

Enter any word of the desired length using the on-screen keyboard. The number of polygons equals the number of letters in the hidden word.

Use the same letters for points with identical polygons and different notes for different topics.

Pay attention to the shape, color, and location of the polygons. For example, yellow and red triangles represent different letters.

After each riddle, you will receive color suggestions on the correct arrangement of the letters. Green means the correct letter is in the right place. Yellow means the note is accurate but needs to be placed somewhere else. Gray means that the letter does not appear anywhere in the word.

You have six tries to guess each letter’s shape and win the daily polygon!

Did You Like The Polygonle Game?

Polygonle is a puzzle game for those tired of simple word games who want to diversify the game with something new. It’s just Polygonle, where your task is to find the correct word, navigate the icons, and try to guess which polygon represents which letter. Also, the length of the terms in this game is unpredictable, so you’ll practice different words every day, not just five or six letters. Polygons may also be interesting for children who will connect their language knowledge with the types of polygons. Invite your friends and family, and enjoy transcribing the daily word together!



For guessing challenges in Word Daily Wordle mode, the popular game Wordle was adapt to create Polygonle, a fun game. Another name for this clever game is the Polygonle Wordle Game. We’ll explain how to get it, what Polygonle is made of, and why you should play the Polygonle game online. Although this game is not like Wordle, it still requires you to solve a mysterious problem, so if you like puzzle games or quizzes, you will probably appreciate this online game!

About the Polygon

POLYGONLE is a word puzzle game that seems to be inspired by the popular game Wordle. In this game, you are present with a grid of polygons, each representing a letter. Your goal is to guess the hidden five-letter word by selecting the polygons in the correct order.

A fun game called Polygonle remained produced using the Word Daily Wordle version of the popular Wordle game. Polygonle Wordle Game is another name for this ingenious game. We’ll look at the Polygonle parts, how to download them, and why playing online is better. If you like puzzle games or quizzes, even if they’re not Wordle, you will undoubtedly like this online game where you must answer a mysterious problem.

Identify the word after six tries. Each symbol corresponds to the letter of a word. You are free to guess any word that is the correct length. The tiles will show you if your letters are in the hidden word.

To start, you’ll see a series of polygons, each the length of a word. When there are two similar polygons, they should display the same letter; when there are two different polygons, different letters should be displayed. Pay attention to the color clues provided to have a better chance of guessing each day’s polygon. To estimate something, you can use polygons’ size, color, and location. Any hints provided should remain employed in the following guess.

Speculate any word of acceptable length. Blocks will reveal the hidden message if the letters you typed are part of it. As many letters as polygons remain buried in the cipher, mark the coordinates of points that make up separate polygons using unique letters. Players can choose many practice or guessing modes, from slow to hard, according to their skill in settings.

Tips and Tricks

  • Can’t think of a word to use? Click the “ideas” button on the keyboard.
  • To help you visualize words without filling in every letter, Polygonle provides a character cursor. Fill in a block with one click and move the mouse with the space bar or arrow keys to avoid typing.
  • Hold [shift] or activate multi-cursor in the options menu for all matching squares.

How to Play Polygon

How to Play Polygon

Here is a brief guide on how to play:

In word-based puzzle games like POLYGONLE, the goal is usually to guess a mystery word or phrase after a certain number of tries. The game gifts you with a series of letters or clues, and you must think of the correct word using deductive reasoning and the process of elimination. The game can provide information to indicate whether the guessed letters are accurate or in the correct position.

As for downloading Polygonle, I don’t have any specific information on downloading the game as it is not well-known as of my knowledge in September 2021. However, you can try searching for Polygonle on popular app. stores or online gaming platforms to see if it is available for download.

If you are interested in word puzzle games like Polygonle, you can explore similar games like Wordle, Hangman, or other word-based puzzle games available on various platforms.

Please note that the details I provided are general and may not accurately reflect the details of the Polygonle game. It is always optional to check official sources, websites, or gaming communities to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about the game.

How to play polygon?

Guess the word in 6 tries. Each symbol represents a letter of the word. You can guess any mention of the correct length. The tiles will reveal if your notes are in the secret word.

Advanced modes

You can enable advanced modes in the settings menu (icon on the top right).

  1. Hard Mode: Any clues reveal must be used in subsequent guesses.
  2. Expert Mode: All guesses must match the pattern of the shapes. WARNING: This can be incredibly difficult for some puzzles.


Polygonle is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys puzzles, word games, or logic challenges. It remains available on various platforms, including mobile devices and web browsers, and is often free. Give it a try and see how many words you can guess correctly!

Polygonle is a puzzle game that has become popular in recent years. In this game, players are obtainable with a grid of colored polygons and must use logic and deduction to discover a hidden word or phrase. Each colored polygon represents a letter, and players must guess the word by placing the polygons in the correct positions within the grid.

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