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Is An Organic Natural Supplement Better?

Is An Organic Natural Supplement Better?

Natural Supplement: Most people consider taking a multivitamin in the morning as part of their daily habit. You get up, drink a glass of water, and swallow a pill with ease. More than half of the population in the United States uses nutrients that are synthetically made. That includes multivitamins, as well as other drugs.

There has been a heated debate on whether synthetically made products are better than their natural alternative in the past couple of years. A few sources claim that synthetically made drugs can have side effects and can be potentially dangerous to the people that take them. We’re going to take a look at what the science says. Click here to read more.

What are the differences between natural and synthetic?

The main difference between natural and synthetic supplements is how they’re made. The natural ones are made from whole food, while the synthetic ones are made artificially. It makes sense always to pick the whole foods derived ones since they’re made from dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

But that doesn’t pay off in the long run since they’re quite expensive. Today, most of the supplements we see on shelves are artificially made. This includes protein powders, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants. Our bodies dissolve these compounds, and they get the nutrients as they were real foods.

It doesn’t matter if you take a syrup, powder, capsules, tablet, or pills. If you don’t know what types of supplements you’re taking, you only need to look at the label. The small print usually says more than the text in the front.

Natural ones usually have a part where it says whether they’re animal or plant-based, and how much percentage is derived from them. On the other hand, if you need an individual vitamin or mineral, then you’ll definitely be taking a synthetic.

Isolating minerals and vitamins is close to impossible, and it costs too much to make sense to produce it artificially. You can go to to read more. For your daily dose of vitamin C, you could either take a pill in the morning or afternoon, or you can eat a lot of citrus fruit.

How are they Different?

Organic Supplement

Most scientists agree that the molecular structure of a synthetic nutrient is exactly the same as the ones we can find in regular food. That’s true, but it misses one important point. The way plants and animals create them is quite different from how they’re made in the lab.

That’s why the body reacts differently. When researchers performed studies, they found out that vitamin E is absorbed more effectively when you intake it naturally. Twice better, to be exact. This is quite important because when you eat food, you don’t intake a single compound.

You get the full package of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Our bodies are used to disintegrating these compounds by their groups, and we still don’t know how synthetic products get absorbed and used.

Whole Food Benefits

When we were little, our parents forced us to eat fruits and vegetables to grow up big and strong. That’s completely true. Fruits are especially rich in fiber, which is an essential component that many people miss out on.

The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to suffer from brain disorders, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. These foods are also rich in antioxidants, which lower cholesterol levels, decrease your blood pressure, and regulate sugar better.

When you feel that you want to eat something sugary and sweet, you can try eating a banana or a strawberry. It’s much better and less calorie-dense than any other sweet. Research shows that if you eat the recommended amount of fruit and veggies, you decrease the chances of heart problems by 7 percent.

While on the subject of cardiovascular health, oily fish need to be mentioned too. They have incredibly high levels of omega-three fatty acids, and that directly correlates to fewer heart attacks and strokes. Studies performed on more than 40 000 participants showed that people who ate two servings of oily fish reduced the chances of suffering from cardiovascular issues by 15 percent.

What should you take?

There’s no huge difference between picking out a synthetic or a natural supplement for the average and healthy man or woman. However, there are a few groups that need to pay attention to the differences.

First of all, older adults almost always need a B12 and vitamin D supplement since their bones get weaker with age. The same thing is true about vegans and vegetarians. Abstaining from animal products puts you at a high risk of iron, zinc, calcium, and B12 deficiency.

On the other hand, pregnant women need to avoid vitamin A and supplement with more vitamin D if they want to be healthy. For many people, iron is a great issue, and it’s easy to fall into a deficiency. Make sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment before you start taking anything. If you already take medication, the new additions might interfere with the effects and prove to be harmful to you.

Finally, you should know that the FDA doesn’t regulate all dietary supplements before they hit the shelves. This means that the marketed products you see online and on TV could be harmful and untested. They can also have less than what they claim. Stay away from things that sound too good to be true, and focus on quality and tested products.

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