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Media, Entertainment, And Technology: The New Normal In 2024?

Media, Entertainment, And Technology: The New Normal In 2024?

Media, entertainment, and technology! If you think about it closely, you will see that all of these elements really go hand in hand!

Especially after the pandemic, internet technology is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we think about our savior.

Something that saved us from the insanity that comes with being locked up in the same place, with the same people for months on end.

Thus, in this excerpt below, we will be learning about the different ways in which these three have now become an ecosystem.

Plus, how they will be affecting 2024 ahead!

Along with that, we will also be talking about how the more the technology advances, the more entertainment over the internet gets expensive.

These are some of the pressing issues in the entertainment industry.

The never-ending debate- Should everything on the internet remain free, or are there restrictions based on affordability.

Why Not Free?

When the word internet first commenced, the concept was all about two connected computers and how they are going to transfer information from one to another.

Everything over the internet is free, and the information is for everyone’s cause.

However, it soon changed, and now almost everything over the internet comes with a price.

Although there could be positive and negative pointers on both ends, we could be talking about the OTT platforms and how they are not literally exploiting their audience.

  • First, it is very expensive.
  • Second, despite all the expenses you are paying, there is a possibility that you won’t get all the content you are looking for.
  • Third, one is never enough, and you will have to pay for more.

Yes, this is a serious entertainment problem. But, we have a solution for that- It is called The Pirate Bay.

What Is The Pirate Bay?

Pirate Bay, in simple definition, is a decentralized peer-to-peer domain that allows you to download and upload every content over the internet.

It is decentralized, which means there is no central party who is controlling the whole domain.

This is exactly how the internet began in the first place.

However, over the years, the pirate bay has been known as somewhat of a rebel who is supposed to be the mastermind of pirated content.

However, if you measure this activity technically, there is no crime in case! How?

Because copyright law clearly states that you can use someone else’s content as long as you are not making any money out of that content.

Pirate Bay doesn’t have any monetary gain from all the uploads and downloads in the domain.

As said before, there is not one person who is controlling the whole thing.

What Is On-Demand Content?

On demand, content is something that is easily available to its target audience without the element of waiting.

The OTT platform is one of the good examples of on-demand content.

Now, One demand content is heavily shaping our media and entertainment industry. In a way, the attention span of each individual is also depleting. Every content is either fast or all at once. Very rarely can you now make an audience wait an entire week for the new episode!

If someone is, then that creator is taking a good risk, believing that the audience base will still be interested.

How Social Media Is Helping Entertainment

Before, we had TRP for television shows, and now we have social media, which is much more direct than any other platform.

Do you really wish to know what your audience wants?

Then never leave the side of social media. You get most of your customer feedback form here, and the algorithm assists you in understanding whether your entertaining creation is actually entertaining.

We are seeing so many filmmakers and creators using social media as their sole method of information and actually changing plotlines based on their opinions. & We aren’t complaining!

A Media Ecosystem!

Now, it is safe to say that everything is an ecosystem now! Nothing is individual on its own! If you are using one media, there is no point in believing that it is not affecting what you are consuming.

The media has become very convincing now!

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