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Marcyinfo .com – Miramare Ponte Press Company

Marcyinfo .com – Miramare Ponte Press Company

Marcyinfo .com – Miramare Ponte Press Company – Miramare Ponte Press is a publishing company founded by renowned author, speaker, and coach Marcy Pusey to provide a publishing experience that empowers writers. At Miramare Ponte Press, every writer deserves to retain complete control and ownership of their work. That’s why we offer a publishing experience that gives authors 100% of the rights to their work, allows them to retain all copyrights, and provides complete transparency and access to all author assets.

As a publishing company, we understand that many authors are scammed and lose money, time, and energy in pursuing publishing. We offer various services to help authors overcome every obstacle to publishing success.

At Miramare Ponte Press, we are not just a publishing company but a community. We host retreats, share tips and tricks, and help writers connect and improve their skills on our blog and Instagram. We believe publishing success is attainable for every author and are dedicated to helping authors realize their dreams.

Meet Our Team at Miramare Ponte Press

Meet Our Team at Miramare Ponte Press

Marcy Pusey, Founder and CEO of MMP, Story and Publishing Coach

Marcy Pusey is an award-winning author of many bestselling books for adults and children, a two-time international TEDx speaker, and the founder of Miramare Ponte Press. With her passion for storytelling and dedication to bringing joy to others, Marcy loves inspiring her readers with powerful stories that touch the heart and stir the soul. She also enjoys helping other writers achieve their dreams by providing coaching, consulting, and publishing services.

Marcy spent her entire life helping others. Through her work as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner, she helps people discover the emotional tools and support they need to produce beyond trauma and embrace their lives to the fullest. Two TEDx talks, “How Story Empowers Children to Shape Our World” and “You Are More Than Your Traumatic Pieces of Knowledge,” have garnered global attention.

Marcy is proud to live a life full of adventure. She threw pizzas for a pizzeria, sang in a musical, advocated for the rights of families with special needs, starred in several movies, and impersonated balloon animals at the Halifax Busker Festival. She is also the mother of four humans and two cubs. For more information about Marcy and her work, visit her website at or

Bethany Green, Editor and Coach

Bethany Green lives in Florida with her husband, two funny sons, and her precious bonus son.

She attended the Children’s Literature Institute, served as Co-ARA for the SCBWI region, had two representatives, and had her book WAITING FOR JAMES IN THE SEA OF PINK published by MeeGenius in 2012.

She is constantly questioning everything. She loves Halloween, spooky things, Celtic festivals, and fountain pens, but she’s not a fan of chocolate.

She pretends to be witty, but the truth is, she rewrote this biography 18 times in the hopes of saying something that will make you laugh.

Berlyn Komar, Founder of Planted Marketing, Digital Marketing Expert

Berlyn is a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in small business organic growth and content marketing. She encourages brands to grow organically, be themselves, and build a community of lifelong customers. Berlyn has over seven years of hands-on experience with small businesses to create and implement long-term strategies that help them grow.

Berlyn has over seven years of hands-on experience working with various small businesses. She loves what she does, but she’s patiently waiting to win big at Friends Trivia.

Berlin Is Our Press Release And Distribution Guru

Berlin Is Our Press Release And Distribution Guru

Gary Williams, Founder of Better Future International, a Business and Mindset Coach

From Michigan to Tanzania, from the education system to the nonprofit sector, Gary continually works to influence others to live with purpose. Fueled by her fascination with the uniqueness of individuals, everything she does is to inspire others to pause and think so they can imagine a better future for our world.

Gary likes to devote time with his pup Chip between runs on the Detroit Riverwalk, formally named after the Central Michigan University Chippewas, where he studied psychology, communications, leadership, and education.

Gary wears many hats. He has served in a nonprofit leadership development program, supported teachers as an instructional coach, and developed a curriculum for personal development organizations. Now, Gary can share his stories with the world to make an impact on the lives of others.

Stephanie Bryant, Incourage Co-Founder, Brand Therapist. Marketing Coach

Stephanie has been working in Marketing for almost 15 years. She managed product development while at FamilyLife, a division of Cru. While working at Dayspring, she founded Encourage Me and continues contributing. He then owned S. Bryant Social Marketing, helping bloggers, authors, nonprofits, and companies with marketing and social media for years. He has been published in many books and has a podcast called The Jesus Led Adventure; she teaches her how to live with Jesus in your promised land.

God called him to be a Courage Coach, Spiritual Guide, Business Consultant, and Marketing Master.

We serve our clients with a call for a brand strategy tailored to each person and their needs to make the most of author platforms to get more books on the shelves.

Morgan Lee Clasper, Copywriter

Morgan is a freelance copywriter and indie fantasy author with over three years of experience in the publishing industry. She has worked with the New York Times and USA Today’s bestselling authors to create beautiful blurbs, compelling author bios, and eye-catching sales copy. He is also the author of the YA fantasy series The Frostwing Quadrilogy and The Chronicles of Alcabaza.

Morgan is our trusted book description and author bio copywriter, with powerful words highlighting your book’s best aspects and capturing your buyer’s attention.

Myles Holar, Founder of Collabor8 VA, Virtual Assistant – Social Media Manager – Customer Support Rockstar

Myles is the Digital Creator and Founder of Collabor8 VA, where he facilitates virtual assistance services for businesses, including ours!

He became a Virtual Assistant with ten years of experience as a Customer Support Representative.

She is dedicated and has a great passion for learning. She always looks for ways to improve her skills and gain new ones.


You and I can champion the creativity and strengths within every child. Even as adults, we can tell stories; sometimes, those stories provide healing and a creative outlet.

If you are a teacher, I must tell stories. If you are a parent, read a story. If you are a writer, publish a story; if you are an actor, make a story happen. Sponsor and establish libraries and theaters in developing communities. Each of us has a role to play.

Use pens, hope, and words to ignite and nurture our children’s and ourselves potential. Reach a child through a story, and you will change the world.

Persuasive writing and story opened doors for me in my childhood. There wasn’t enough support around me to help me get through that door, so my early career went in a different direction.

But over time, I bounced back and coached people on how to share their stories. I help adults and children increase their creativity.

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