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Live Streaming Pros Share Tips for Business Owners

Live Streaming Pros Share Tips for Business Owners

You’ve probably seen your kids watching live streams of their favourite gamers and musical acts. Or maybe you’ve seen a few yourself on your social media newsfeed.

Whatever your thoughts about live streaming are, one thing is for certain: the platform is here to stay.

A live stream is a great way for content creators like musical acts, gamers, and other performers to reach a global audience, an audience that, for a time, was difficult to access due to the absence of robust streaming technology.

And according to an expert in live event streaming services in Melbourne, the platform can also benefit businesses, especially the smaller ones.

How live video streaming can benefit your business?

Why should your company start live streaming now?

Build brand trust

Live streaming is an excellent platform that can help build trust between your brand and its target audience.

As potential customers see a human face behind the brand, your company becomes more accessible as it builds an authentic connection with people.

Generate engagement

If you have been posting videos on your website and social media platforms, live streams can still benefit your brand.

Unlike recorded videos, live streams provide an opportunity for content creators and the audience to interact in real-time.

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In a live stream, the viewer is not a passive participant. They can react, comment, or share a live video. In turn, that engagement can amplify the power of your live event streamed online.

Tap a new market segment

One of the chief advantages of using online tools like live streams to promote your business is that you’ll gain access to a new market segment that would otherwise be inaccessible.

And while some of your viewers won’t become paying customers, the ones who do become invested in your brand, knowing that you can provide them with value and solutions to their woes.

Easier to produce

Compared to pre-recorded videos, live streams are fairly cheaper to produce. In short, you can start and stream your event without spending a small fortune on video production and other details.

Starting can be a bit challenging at first (that’s where experts in live streaming services come in). But when you develop the knack for it, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start your first live stream ages ago.

How to use live streaming for your business?

Although live streaming is popular as an entertainment platform, it is surprisingly versatile. Companies in a variety of ways can use it.

Live Q&As and interviews

Bringing in experts to shed light on issues that affect your target audience is a great way to share valuable information.

You can live stream an interview with a question and answer portion with an industry expert to tackle relevant issues in your niche.


Suppose you’ve launched a new product or service. In that case, you can supplement the instructional manuals and videos you have released with a live stream geared specifically for tutorials.

As the adage goes, show, don’t tell. As an added benefit, your viewers can also ask questions at the end of the tutorial.

A peek behind the scenes

If you post videos and live streams regularly, you can live stream a behind the scenes look at your production process.

Regular viewers will find it appealing, knowing the people in your team and the process involved in a live stream production.

Offer a glimpse of an offline event

Suppose your company participates or even sponsors offline events like conferences. In that case, live streaming is a great way for your loyal viewers to check these events virtually.

And if the people who watch your live stream like what they see, they can show up in your next live event.

A few live streaming best practices from the pros

Ready to start live streaming? Here are a few helpful tips that can get you started.

Choose the right streaming platform

Apart from favourites like Facebook Live and Instagram Live, it is worth looking at other live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Periscope. Other then live streaming platforms you can also use some best online video editor to upload the videos in such platforms.

If you are just starting with live video streaming, a good rule of thumb is to start with the platform where you have the most active followers.

Promote your event

Failure to promote your live stream is the quickest route to disaster.

Days or even weeks of your scheduled live streaming event, you should promote it on full blast on every available platform, from your website to social media.

Specifically, you should inform your potential live stream viewers of the time and date of the event, its topic, as well as the platforms where they can view it. It would also be helpful to share the links to the live stream in advance.

Plan to engage

While a live streaming event is less structured than a pre-recorded video, it is prudent to do a little prep work, especially in anticipating potential questions viewers are likely to ask.

This will give you ample time to find the right answers and prevent your viewers from being left hanging, waiting for an answer.

Add a CTA

No matter what your purpose is for hosting a live stream, you should remember to add a call to action that prompts viewers to perform a specific action.

It can be as simple as buying a product or making a donation. Or it can be an opportunity to provide something more helpful, like giving them an eBook that is accessible by clicking on a link.

Repurpose your live stream

The value of your live video streaming does not end when your audience leaves. You can still make use of it and repurpose it as content for other platforms.

The simplest way to do that is to share a recording of the event. For example, you can post a recorded video of your Facebook Live video a day after live streaming it.

Live streaming pros can help you get started

Still unsure how to start live video streaming for your business? Don’t hesitate to ask the help of professionals who offer live streaming services.

These experts can help simplify live streaming for you, enabling your company to look professional and trustworthy.

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