Java has been considered as the primary programming language for the development of android applications. But, with so many new ones in the market, is it still the best?

Though it has already created its niche as an official and robust language, it has quite a few challenges that have been seeming as a hindrance for developers.

With the arrival of strong programming languages, various Java Virtual Machine languages have begun obtaining traction amongst developers. One such language is Kotlin.

All about Kotlin – The Future of Android App Development

Kotlin is the most modern and robust programming language that overcame numerous difficulties experienced by Android developers using Java such as wordiness of source code, runtime exceptions, and multiple others. It is quite easy to get started with and developers can also include it in existing projects.

Kotlin is the most modern open-source programming language for JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that allows streamlining Android Development in a more effective way. It can compile JavaScript Source code as well. It is very similar to Java in a structure such as it is statically typed and object-oriented as well as intended for similar problems that Java solves. However, Kotlin incorporates several excellent characteristics, more simplistic syntax, and notions from functional programming, it has many more enhancements when compared to Java.

1. Enhanced Development Speed with Minimal Coding

This exceptional open-source development platform supports developers in making their app developing process quicker. It needs around 20% less coding compared to Java. Therefore, it helps Android developers in making their tasks simpler, quicker, and efficient.

2. Open Source and Free Language

Kotlin promotes the public developer networks and the power of open source makes it strong which is not limited to any individual company.

Kotlin is developed and maintained by JetBrains, a partner of Google. It also makes enough efforts to target another platform as Kotlin is specifically built to run as native code on iOS. It also complies to JavaScript for web development.

Moreover, this language is available for free. You can use this free language as an opportunity to explore your development skills.

3. Easy to Learn for Beginners

This most advanced and cooperative language for Android makes it feasible for developers to learn it quickly and easily even for beginners. It is available with meager and habitual syntax that allows developers to learn soon. It also makes debugging easier for writing application code which makes potential app development quick and more enjoyable.

4. Versatile & Secure Language

Using NullPointExceptions helps developers to evade mistakes. Its effective compiler is particularly intended to auto-cast errors. Kotlin is the most dynamic language for developers with rich characteristics that incorporate built-in null checking, extremely compatible with Java code, extension methods to append new functionalities to existing classes, and much more.

5. Highest Compatibility with Java

Kotlin presents greater compatibility with Java that becomes its most significant asset. It enables using the Java libraries and frameworks in Kotlin projects by utilizing advanced frameworks without any obligation to modify the entire project in Java. You can compile the project using both Kotlin and Java languages.

6. Fewer crashes in the application:

Kotlin products utilize fewer lines of code as opposed to Java programs. This in turn reduces the development time but also supports the maintenance needs of the product. As the code readability is enhanced, debugging is easier which results in lesser crashes and failures in the system.

7. Lowered project timelines:

Kotlin’s economic privileges indicate the language can resolve more predicaments with fewer lines of code. Its compact nature enables developers to understand and modify code more efficiently which can lessen a project’s time-to-market.

Advantages of Kotlin over Java

  • Kotlin can be effortlessly converted to Java by installing sync Gradle and Java Plugin to Android SDK.
  • Less probability of getting errors due to less code as compared to Java.
  • All significant Java frameworks have begun supporting Kotlin.
  • It is entirely compatible with all libraries of Java.
  • Unlike Java, Kotlin’s compilation time is progressing.

Is this the end of Java?

Java is a prominent programming language with extensive open-source tools and libraries to aid developers. With that being said, no language is without shortcomings and even Java is subject to complexities that can make a developer’s task tiresome. On the contrary, Kotlin will offer resolutions to usual programming difficulties and enhance the Java ecosystem as a whole.


The fundamental advantages of Kotlin include useful libraries, less runtime, top-notch performance, and exceptional code readability that led to it being the first choice for app development over Java. If you’re a beginner and are looking to get hands-on with Kotlin, build some amazing android projects, and boost your skills as Kotlin is here to stay. Many huge companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Google have used Kotlin for their Android apps.