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Is it Possible to Own your Own Cable Modem?

Is it Possible to Own your Own Cable Modem?

If you are paying rent for using a cable modem, you should check and compare the monthly bill and cost of services. Although the costs can depend on the plans you have subscribed to, Xfinity (Comcast), Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum (previously known as Charter. The serviceability of the cable or ISP services in your region is conditioned to where you live. However, for renting cable or internet tools for them to function such as a modem, cable box, etc. they all still claim a certain amount of monthly charges.

If you buy a plan that includes a TV, internet, and a digital phone, there are some providers including Cox that offer a free of cost modem. Spectrum is serviceable in more than 40 states in America including Texas, Seattle, New York, Tennessee, Spectrum Wisconsin, and many others.

We would suggest you get your own personal modem rather than renting, it can help you save roughly $60-$120 per year (only if you get charged for rent on your bill). For getting a new or used modem you will spend once, otherwise, you will have to pay more for renting, certainly. But, in about a year’s time, you will be able to recover the money and expense. Moreover, you will also save $10 monthly which gradually increases too. Still, you need to be careful of the fact that your cable company service is not making you pay the lease cost, as they have forgotten to do so in history.

It should also be taken into consideration that many ISPs hire modem/hardware combination system. However, it is suggested to keep these two gadgets separate, that’s why we will only analyze modems in this writing. You should buy a cordless router and it can increase the expense of this development. Though, it will be still advantageous eventually, mainly if you want a network of Wi-Fi to be available to every nook in the house.

Does renting a modem has no benefit at all?

Renting a modem could still be of some advantage, in case your modem has outdated or is not functioning properly, you can exchange it with something better. Also, changing the modem yourself or if it’s not working properly will not be your problem. Rather than, fixing or installing it yourself, the provider will switch it up for you. The cost of your modem is covered in the price of the plan you have purchased by some providers and that will not help you much in saving money.

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Is the Scenario the Same while Getting a Home Phone?

Furthermore, if you are including the home phone service along with the cable or internet service, a modem that has an in-built phone port is required. A brief study gives us an idea that high-priced and out-of-date technical products mean that phone modems are not appropriate to buy. In that case, renting from your service provider is a better option. And if you are lucky enough to have your region or area under the coverage of Cox, you can get your hands on a free modem if you include all the services in one package. Some other providers also give similar benefits to their customers which include free installation, free installation, or free modem but that varies from one provider to another.

Where Do we Get the Option to buy your Own Modem?

In the case of having a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or fiber connections, you may not be able to use broadband simultaneously. What could be the possible reason for it? Each one of them makes use of specific hardware that you need to rent or simply buy from your service provider. Some service providers may not even allow you to buy a modem on your own – as part of their deal.

Final Thoughts

Paying monthly rent for any kind of equipment that could be sourced from anywhere else is seldom discouraged. We have seen it on multiple platforms because you end up paying more through monthly rent than the actual cost of the equipment. Therefore, paying the amount at once or getting a used one can save you a few bucks every month and a certain amount by the time you pay that off.

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