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How To Score Full Marks In CBSE Class 9 Physics?
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How To Score Full Marks In CBSE Class 9 Physics?

Although the exam of Class 9 is not as crucial as the 10th board exam, it definitely is fairly important to develop the basis for the future higher secondary classes, in class 9. Vedantu CBSE class 9 science syllabus includes chapters that will help the student to understand the basic concepts of the chapters in class 10, 11, and 12. At the same time, it is useful for cracking exams like NTSE or Olympiads. So, concentrate on the syllabus and study hard to confidently clear upcoming exams. The time devoted for studying science must be divided equally and allotted individually for biology, physics and chemistry. All the diagrams as well as formulae should be regularly practiced.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that will help you score full marks in Class 9 Physics.

Important Study Tips

  1. Read the Physics NCERT book. It is the most important textbook for Physics in class 9. Every topic in the syllabus is covered in this book.
  2. Create an exhaustive list of formulae, derivations, and experiments prescribed in the syllabus. Make sure to keep that list handy for the exam.
  3. When you are solving any given derivation, try to understand the logic that is making the derivation work. This way you can derive it comfortably at any time.
  4. Revise your notes and concepts frequently.
  5. In case you are not comfortable with numerical problems, it’s best to start solving them right from the start. Make it a practice to solve every single numerical given in your NCERT book, including the solved examples. Physics question papers will compulsorily include numerical problems, so it’s no use ignoring them.
  6. Remember to learn all the S.I. units for the physical entities by heart.
  7. Once the entire syllabus from the NCERT course book is finished, set a timer and solve the problems from sample papers in Physics.
  8. If you want to score 100% marks in the class 9 physics exam, you will have to make it a point to study parallelly with your class and the chapter notes you prepare along with the NCERT textbook. It is a good idea to study each chapter and then directly move on to writing practice. Then, as you finish studying the second, ensure that you revise the first and continue the process so on. This will make sure that you are not going to forget the old concepts while studying a new chapter. Write down short notes and take a self-test on completing 5 chapters. This will significantly boost your confidence in having learnt 5 chapters.
  9. Always know that the NCERT textbook is everything. Read and reread every single chapter. If your class in school has finished five chapters in the textbook, open chapter one to read it once again just to revise. Every week, on a day you’re comfortable, take out three hours for only rereading the old chapters.
  10. Your teacher will surely discuss in class the pattern of the exam as well as the types of questions usually asked. Remember to pay extra attention to these.
  11. Study the topic that is to be discussed in class before it is taught by your teacher. This way you will know beforehand if you encounter any doubt while studying, and you can ask your teacher directly in class.
  12. Focus on the lectures in class and take notes. Be attentive in class.
  13. For Physics, it is necessary to go with the flow of chapters. For example, it is better to learn about gravity only after you are completely clear about mass and force. This process will boost your confidence and help you become eager to learn. It will also save you precious time.
  14. Jot down the formulas prescribed in the syllabus, with the meaning of every variable as well as its SI unit of measurement. This will help prevent mistakes in the examination.
  15. Try to avoid oral and reading revisions as much as possible. It is a good idea to write down whatever you understand whenever you revise. As a bonus, you will also practice writing, and thus increase your speed and accuracy for attempting the final exam.
  16. Full marks and studying physics are not the same things. Focus on the syllabus of physics of class 9.
  17. Believe in the course books and teachers. Most importantly, believe in yourself.
  18. In CBSE class 9, the curriculum followed the system of summative assessment and formative assessment exams. This makes it extremely important to know how to manage your time well.
  19. It is important to be adjustable as you prepare your timetable. It is crucial to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You might even want to take help from your teachers for this.
  20. Allot some more time especially for the topics in which you tend to be weak or usually score low marks.

General Tips for Exam

  1. Take a short power nap when you come home from school. This is going to help you to refresh your mind as well as your body from the fatigue of a long day.
  2. It is not advisable to study non-stop for long hours. Experts believe it is best to take short breaks of 10-30 minutes after 2 hours of continuous study.
  3. Carry sheets of paper or post-it notes in your pocket to write theorems, equations, and formulae that you find difficult to remember. This way you may also revise them after some time.
  4. Seasonal food, a balanced diet, and Vitamin-C rich food not only helps in growing memory power but also boosts immunity.
  5. Workout, exercise or do yoga in the morning for about half an hour to help blood circulation and stay healthy.

With these tips, you will definitely score great marks in the class 9 Physics exam.

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