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How To Clean Stubborn Dust On Your Cartridges And Turntables?

How To Clean Stubborn Dust On Your Cartridges And Turntables?

Distorted music? These sudden cracks and hisses coming out of your equipment could only mean a few things. It’s either you have a damaged vinyl or a dirty stylus tip. Checking on both parts and cleaning them properly would solve the problem.

On the other hand, a dusty turntable might cause further damage to the disc. And when we speak about this part of the record player, we pertain to the round surface where you place the vinyl. The cabinet or the entire equipment also needs caring, and we’ll include them in this know-how as well.

Here’s how to clean the stubborn dust on your record player.

Taking Care Of The Stylus Needle

Regular cleaning of the cartridge, including the stylus, is an easy task. By gently bring the tip to a clean surface of a magic cleaner sponge, your stylus will be as good as new. However, the stubborn dirt that plagued the needle tip would be a different case. While others would give up quickly and but a replacement, we suggest trying something out and only purchase as a last resort.

Many accounts had success with a liquid stylus cleaner from Reson, which works best with Reson cartridges. Turntable owners reported that it does the job without softening the bonding glue that holds the diamond tip. While it works on wide variants, we recommend getting your stylus from Reson and other brands that offer effective cleaners.

Removing Dust On Vinyl

Dirt won’t accumulate on vinyl as they do on other equipment parts, mostly if you play it often. But if you saw heavy dust accumulating on the record, it’s time to get a vinyl brush and shook them off. You may also use a microfiber cloth partially wetted with rubbing alcohol to clean your vinyl albums.

Cleaning The Turntable

Stubborn dust could fill the edges of your turntable. Apart from potentially destroying your records, it’s such an eyesore to see dirt on a piece of precious equipment. Grab a microfiber cloth and wet it softly with alcohol. Wipe from the center, then outwards in a circular motion. Hit the edges using a toothpick covered with a cloth so you won’t leave scratches on the surface.

Once done, make sure that the rubbing alcohol dries up by gently tapping the surface with a dry lint-free cloth. Take time to clean your turntable regularly so you won’t have to deal with big dust collecting problems.

Cleaning The Rest Of The Equipment

Apart from dust, vintage record players, especially those with wooden cabinets, are prone to bugs and molds. As such, owners of these valuables must provide extra care. Use a mould and mildew remover to protect the outer and inner surfaces from fungi.

Moisture is also a threat to record players, so keep the turntable dry and away from reach of children who might accidentally spill drinks and other liquids. Dirty and damaged vinyl could break your cartridges, so you need to store them away from sunlight and keep them inside their sleeves at all times.

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