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How Red Dead Redemption Compares to GTA Online

How Red Dead Redemption Compares to GTA Online

Ever since its release in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a smash hit with fans of the action-adventure genre. The Western follows the story of Arthur Clark as he lives as an outlaw in the Wild West. The open world map – spanning five fictious US states of new Hanover, Ambrino, Laymoyne, New Austin and West Elizabeth, fans enjoy the game’s fun survival-like gameplay, sprawling landscape and beautiful graphics.

One of Rockstar’s great achievements with the game however is the introduction of its multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online. Read Dead Online follows a very similar premise to Rockstar’s other large multiplayer game GTA Online. Players control a silent protagonist who has been freed from prison and sets out to take revenge to prove their innocence. The game is set one year before the events of the main game in 1898.

The game’s story is largely up to your choosing – with Rockstar advertising that you can “forge your own path”. The main story can be completed with up to four buddies, and you can build a camp and form a posse in your mission to explore the wild American West.

There are loads of side missions and challenges to keep in the multiplayer world. You can chase down bounties, hunt animals and even fish. You can delve into the game’s rich economy by harvest and trading goods. You can become an explore and seek out lost treasures. You can even start your own underground Moonshine distillery! You can sell your own booze! How cool is that?

Getting Going in RDO

Once you boot up the online game, you’ll be tasked with creating your character. Eeriely similar to GTA Online’s prison mugshot opening, you’ll be slowly morphing your character’s mugshot in Sisika Penitentiary. There’s loads of different attributes that you can choose from like your avatar’s face shape, build, skin tone, age and even their whistle style!

Once your out of prison you can pick your own horse and get exploring straight away. You can take on this game solo or with your friends as a Posse. Posses are lone travellers banding together and work in a similar way as Crews do in GTA Online. Working as a team can help you beat difficult challenges and explore greater distances, but you will have the share the spoils of any success you may have. Certain activities and missions will, however reward players with a greater amount of cash & XP when playing in a Posse.

Hold your Honor

I love when games allow for a flexible morality when it comes to player’s characters and their actions. Red Dead Online works on an honor system. Any action you take – whether good or bad – will affect your honor in the game. Altruism and mercy can help you become revered in the world as a good guy, but murdering sprees and bad deeds can change how the world responds to you negatively. The types of missions that become available to you also changes if you have low Honor – and your opportunities change to match your criminal persona.

Setting up Camp

GTA Online has apartments, houses and penthouses along with offices and garages – all to match the modern LA premise. In the Wild West, your place to rest is your camp.

Pitch camp to regain health, craft new equipment and provide a safehouse for your Posse. As you progress further into the game you can level up your camp to provide more amenities and better cosmetic items and styles. To create a posse, you’ll need a camp and if you upgrade your personal tent, you’ll regen your core buffs more quickly whilst resting.

Scattered throughout the map are a number of new and familiar characters who will give you missions to take on known as free roam missions. These are endless fun and include assassinations, kidnapping, coach holdups and even theft. All of these missions helps earn you XP and in-game cash.

Overall, Red Dead Online replications what GTA Online does right with its crews and scattered free-roam missions. However, it is the map that allows RDO to shine. With its sprawling American landscape, exploration is infinitely more fun in Red Dead, whilst the Honor system adds a fun variable morality to the game allowing it to stay fresh.

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