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How International Roaming Really Works?

International Roaming: With the help of mobile roaming service users can make calls, send or receive text massages/emails from other country. You can also use mobile roaming service without crossing the border, staying close to it may be enough to switch to another network.

In order to facilitate roaming service for customers. Many mobile operators have signed the agreements in various countries. The process involved varies in each countries. Right from service distribution to clearing and settlement process, the whole process is tedious.

Available Common International Roaming

Services are:

  • Voice: you can make and receive calls to home country while travelling in abroad.
  • SMS: You can Send and receive text. To home country from Visited country.
  • Email: Reading and replying to Emails while travelling in abroad.
  • Mobile broadband: Use mobile broadband to access the internet in abroad.

How to activate mobile roaming service?

Make sure that your phone will work in abroad

There is no guarantee that your phone will work in all countries, because cell phone companies use different technologies. So, before planning to visit abroad first make sure that your cell phone will work in the destination where you are planning to visit. If your cell phone supports quad-band GSM, then it will works in almost all countries.

Make sure your cell phone has the international roaming package

Making calls from abroad can be a very costly exercise, you even have to pay for receiving calls. In order to avoid this situation make sure that your company has any international roaming package.

If you don’t have a good international roaming package, then simply turned off the data before you reach your destination and do not turned on it until you come to your home, instead use Wi-Fi.

Use Google voice to stay in touch

Use applications like Skype, Whatsapp, or Google Voice to connect with your friends and family.

Instead of paying higher international calling rates, use these apps to stay in touch with your friends in a very cheap cost.

What about roaming charges?

Roaming charges in European Union and Foreign Departments

The European Commission has stop roaming charges everywhere in the European Union and foreign departments from June 15, 2017. You can use your mobile without overtaking, wherever you are in the region.

However, the use of the mobile roaming scheme is reserved only for those who are planning to travel or settle abroad for a limited time. The user must have to subscribe with a local operator for a long-term installation.

Large operators can implement a fair use policy in order to regulate the usage. According to this policy, over a period of 4 months, your consumption outside the region should not exceed your consumption in mainland France. If your operator believes that you have not respected these terms, you will be warned by SMS and invited to regulate your use, in which case additional charges may be applied.

Roaming charges outside the European Union or foreign departments

National rates do not apply outside of Europe. You have to pay extra charges if you use your mobile in USA, Australia, China, etc.

That is why it is advisable to activate the international roaming package if you are planning to travel abroad.

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