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10 Free Keylogger Apps for Your Android Phone
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10 Free Keylogger Apps for Your Android Phone

Over here, you will be presented with the applications which have the Keylogger feature. If you don’t know what Keylogger is, Don’t panic, as you will be made to know about what Keylogger is in the first place, how you can use it? And what are the advantages it furnishes the users with?

We have come up with the top 10 applications which are providing Keylogger for your Android devices. Stay with us and determine all the truths and myths about this feature. Following is the rundown from where you can get to know about it.

1. Safespy

As the name depicts, it is entirely safe to use the application. Safespy comes with all the features a person needs for spying. When a person uses its services for spying, he does not have to look around on other applications for any of the features.

Safespy - keylogger

It has the most straightforward rule to follow. And it is most likely its reason to be loved by the audience. People are using it worldwide. It has all the top features, including Keylogger and other such as well. You can also visit its homepage to know more about it.

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is a feature that enables the users to determine the taps, clicks, and keystrokes on the target device. We can say that it is the action of recording the keystrokes on the keyboard in stealth mode. The person using the keyboard remains unaware of it. At the same time, the data can be easily retrieved by the user.

The advantage to Android users

This Keylogger feature is usually for android users. They can determine the passwords. Can draw the essential and personal data of the target device. Flex is this that the target person won’t even get slightest of the doubt that someone is spying upon him.


Customer Care

The user can reach customer care in case if he feels surrounded by some problem or query. They are accommodating towards their customer. They don’t leave you with your problem. On the other hand, they make sure that the problem is solved. And the customer is satisfied.

2. Minspy

Minspy permits its clients to follow any gadget without contacting it, or if we use a specific term, it might be remotely. The application works in stealth mode, so no one should be worried about being gotten. Likewise, it offers its types of assistance for both of the working frameworks accessible.


This application is phenomenal and straightforward to be utilized. If your need is to discover something helpful and the one which gives a top-notch execution, nothing can beat its level. When you begin using it, you will understand why it stands in the market.

3. Spyine

How might we not talk about Spyine? The most cherished application by the crowd. Spyine has all the most direct orders and all the first-class services. It works for both of the operating systems. Just with a couple of contrasts which you can learn by visiting its


It functions as lights in obscurity for the individuals who require some exact application. It doesn’t utilize any of the private information of the clients against them. Further, it keeps its clients’ security unblemished, which many applications have failed to give.

There are numerous such cases seen. However, with Spyine, there is not something to be stressed over.

4. Spyic

This application works in the secrecy mode and keeps the security of its clients the primary concern. So in the event that you are making the brain to utilize Spyic, you should realize that you have settled on the correct decision. It empowers the clients to have a clear view of the activities taking place on the target device.

Spyic - Keylogger

You can check upon the pursuit chronicles to the erased media. Its advanced features let you spy without any kind of software hacking. What else is left that you are in need to think about? Get your hands over this tool before it’s too late.

5. Spyier

Spyier ensures that each action of the objective gadget should be caught and introduced before the client. This application works expertly, so there isn’t a thing to be worried about.

Spyier - Keylogger

The application contains such exceptional features that no other application accessible in the market would have. It permits clients to capture the target device without rooting or jailbreaking.

6. Neatspy

To execute Neatspy, no technical information is needed as it accompanies the most apparent principle to follow. It has all the features one could require to play out any spying task. A piece of uplifting news is that it keeps your spying works secret. And works in stealth mode.


None can get the possibility that you are engaged with any such deed. Likewise, you can contact the helpline if dealing with an issue, facing any problem, or as something like this. Customer care is quite helpful. It will solve your issue on time.

7. Spyzie

Spyzie ensures that its clients get all the great features from them. So it has all the services to spy upon an individual. Regardless of whether you are willing to know about the area or need to see the individual’s online media exercises, you can do all. With only one device application by that is Spyzie.


8. Cocospy

With the assistance of Cocospy, all of the working frameworks can be spied upon. This application is not difficult to run even a novice can run it smoothly and make the most of its advantages. It has a live demo on its official site so the clients can watch it and put their worries off their shoulders.


The clients can likewise get an advantage from the free trial, whose residency is one month, and become more acquainted with the application and services.

9. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is the application that has been prompt in the market, having all the tools related to spying in one way or another. It won’t leave you at one point, so you will be deprived of locating some other application for your particular task.


It will furnish you with all the apparatuses that you require. You can notice towards its homepage to determine every last insight regarding this application.

10. FoneMonitor

All the individuals who need to follow somebody can utilize the tracking administrations of FoneMonitor. It is free from any and all harm to used. It permits the client to track without establishing jailbreaking and like such things.

fonemonitor - keylogger

The two of them are difficult to execute programs and require specialized information, also. Yet, Fone Monitor works for individuals’ simplicity and never accompanies a command that can complicated to manage.


All the applications listed above are reliable and authentic. And also have the great facility of the Keylogger feature. What are you waiting for? Go grab the application, which you think suits you best. And get start on the first hand.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us as we are looking forward to it.

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