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Ecom Warrior Academy Review: Matthew Lepre’s Course, a legit or scam?

Ecom Warrior Academy Review: Matthew Lepre’s Course, a legit or scam?

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn income online, you’ve come across dropshipping. Enter Matthew Lepre and his Ecom Warrior Academy who help newcomers get started.

It is wrapped in privacy until you sign up, so, understandably, you’re seeking a review to find out what’s on offer. So, let yourself check either the course is too good to be true or find out if Matthew Lepre is not legit.

Who is Matthew Lepre?

It takes a little detective task to discover who the man behind the course is. But let’s see what makes him special and successful at the same time.

This is the man who believed that the internet had utterly transformed his life. Matthew Lepre said that setting up an e-commerce site is the most straightforward path to financial independence.

Matthew Lepre started from small. But, as time goes by, he’s now managed two multi-six-figure enterprises. Moreover, he has the freedom to create the lifestyle he chooses. This is what everyone dreams of.

Matt educates regular people on building their profitable business model. Which is, this allows them to break free from the educational and work systems. This makes it sound great!

Ecom Warrior Academy Overview

There are many advantages to dropshipping as a business model. Yet, it can be not easy at times, particularly in the beginning. That’s why taking a dropshipping course is a good choice.

But where should you turn to? Add Ecom Warrior Academy.

Does it sound good to be true or a scam? Is the Ecom Warrior Academy course worth the cost?

According to success stories, eCom Warrior Academy offers more than meets the eye. Dropshipping, like affiliate marketing, may be a fantastic business concept. But, there are no typical or guaranteed outcomes without the right strategy.

What to expect?

After you’ve known the man behind the course, you’re interested in learning more about what his students are up to at the Ecom Warrior Academy.

It’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own dropshipping store. Not only that but there are also more modules on different topics. Let’s elaborate on each one by one.

  • It takes you through the dropshipping process step by step—a thorough guide on learning how it works.
  • Matt has created a mentoring program for product research.
  • You’ll be working with the Shopify platform.
  • Connection to social media platforms. You can learn Facebook Ads Theory.
  • For those who are more experienced, there is more training available for making an eCommerce business. As such, you’ll be learning how to automate your online store.

Besides, Ecom Warrior Academy offers the following more support:

  • Live chat in their member’s area to ask any questions they have
  • You can book in 1 on 1 15 minute zoom sessions with one of their student coaches.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Product selection – you submit a list of products, and they select the best products to test
  • Daily group mentoring sessions where you can jump on and ask any questions they have

Weigh-in the pros and cons

You can start it quickly and learn the rest as you go if you spend some time learning the basics. That’s why the very first step to enrolling in a mentorship program is a great way to get started.


  • This was created by a specialist that is well-known in the eCommerce industry.
  • Training is updated regularly.
  • There is a Facebook community where people can share ideas and seek help.
  • Matthew puts out his studies in a straightforward manner. This is without filling you in on irrelevant details.
  • Perfect chance for individuals with a winning mindset. Thus, with the financial resources to back them up.


  • Detailed information about what the student will learn is missing.
  • To get started, there will be a significant upfront expense.
  • There is no discounted access to it or a free trial period.

Who should enroll in the course?

Anyone who wants to learn can enroll. Most successful drop shippers include teenagers up to older ones. They may believe that starting a dropshipping business requires some real labor. But you may meet success quickly with the right strategy.

As such, it is intended for the following individuals:

  • Individuals who are bored and tired of the 9-to-5 grind
  • Those who are currently employed or studying
  • Families who want to support their children through making money online
  • Couples that want to start their own online business together
  • Individuals looking for a legitimate method to live a working home lifestyle

You’re likely to recognize yourself there. If you answered yes, then the program partnered with an experienced mentor is best for you.

Is dropshipping a viable option for you?

After reading this review, you should be better ready to decide whether to invest your hard-earned money in this course. And it’s also up to you to invest in the affiliate marketing business. But, in the end, you receive back what you put out.

Start to invest in a course and work hard to earn thousands of dollars, not just in a dream.

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