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Amazon Key – Definition & Overview

Amazon Key – Definition & Overview


Amazon Key is a provision offered by Amazon permitting customers to grant access to their homes or vehicles to trusted individuals (delivery drivers) for secure and convenient package delivery. Consequently, the service intends to tackle the challenge of package theft and provide customers with additional control over the delivery process.

How Does Amazon Key Work?

Amazon Key is a service that empowers secure package delivery by permitting access to a customer’s Home or Car.

  • Once a customer places an order, they can select the “Amazon Key” delivery option during checkout.
  • On the day of delivery, the customer receives a notification with a four-hour delivery window.
  • Just before the delivery, the customer receives another notification, and through the Key app, customers get to watch the delivery live.
  • The delivery driver scans the package, and if everything is in order, Amazon authenticates the driver’s identity and grants one-time access to the Home or vehicle.
  • The customer can monitor the entire course through the Cloud Cam or the app.

Components of Amazon Key:

There are two primary components of Amazon Key: for Home and Car.

  1. Amazon Key for Home:
  • Key Compatible Devices: Customers must have compatible smart home devices (smart locks and Cloud Cam) to use the Key for Home.
  • Smart Lock: Such smart locks intend to integrate with the Key service. These locks permit the delivery personnel to enter a customer’s Home, drop off a package, and then securely lock the door behind them.
  • Cloud Cam: The Cloud Cam is a security camera that works with Amazon’s key service. Hence, it allows customers to watch the delivery live or review recorded footage to safeguard the security of their Home.
  • Key App: Customers manage the service through the Key app. This app enables users to control access, monitor deliveries, and receive notifications for the status of their deliveries.
  1. Key for Car:
  • Compatible Vehicles: The Key for Car allows customers to receive deliveries to the trunk of their vehicles. This service is available for specific Car makes and models.
  • Amazon Key App: Like the home service, the Key app manages access and tracks deliveries for Amazon Key for Car.

Security and Privacy of Amazon Key:

Amazon Key underlines security and privacy in its service. The Cloud Cam, a part of the  system, is encrypted for homes to ensure secure communication. Access to the Home is limited to the designated delivery window, and the one-time access granted to delivery personnel is monitored.

Moreover, customers can use the Key app to review delivery footage and track access history, increasing transparency and control. However, the service aims to guard car privacy by limiting vehicle trunk access.

While Amazon has employed measures to tackle security concerns, simultaneously, users should assess their comfort level by granting access to their homes or vehicles before opting for this service.


In conclusion, Amazon Key offers a secure and convenient package delivery solution, highlighting customer control, transparency, and privacy. With features like encrypted communication and limited access windows, the service aims to address security concerns for home and car deliveries.

Furthermore, integrating smart locks, Cloud Cam, and the Key app provides users real-time monitoring and access history tracking, developing a sense of security.

Nonetheless, the decision to use such service should be made sensibly, considering individual comfort levels when granting temporary access. While the service offers a novel approach to package delivery, users should weigh its benefits against privacy views.

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