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Agritech  – Brief Explanation

Agritech  – Brief Explanation


Agritech or Agriculture technology is the utilization of technology & technological innovation to expand the efficiency and output of agriculture. Simply, it is the application of technology to improve all components of the farming and growing process.

It began with the Industrial Revolution when machines surged crop production and animal yield. With age, it has remained one of the utmost advancements in human history as an exceptional development to bolster the teeming global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

Why is Agritech Important?

The practice of agricultural technology to achieve faster, improved & more resistant plant and animal species explains its importance or relevance. An exceptional specimen of the value of agricultural technology includes the following:

  • The role & application of Artificial Intelligence in crop and animal pests and diseases is to analyze specific solutions.
  • It enlarges data for analyzing information, farm records, and large-scale agricultural statistics.
  • Robotics for improving planting, harvesting & processing improvement time.

All these examples exhibit the importance of agricultural technology in conquering the challenges facing the agricultural industry today and in the future.

What is the use of Technology in Agriculture?

Considering the importance of Agritech is incomplete without keeping a point at the use of technology in agriculture. This methodical derivative enables us to better appreciate agricultural technology’s applicability and utility.

Some of them are:

  • Biotechnology
  • Farm Machinery
  • GPS in Agriculture
  • Crop Sensors

Impacts of Agritech on Farmer’s Life:

Specifically, over 25% of the GDP in developing countries was due to agriculture as of 2018. Additionally, more job offers for employment of farmers & consumers.

Additional Impacts on Farmer’s Include:

  • Enlarged data access & effective communication among value chain players.
  • Better-quality crop yields are achieved by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and data analytics.
  • It enhanced farmers’ access to markets & direct connection to consumers by eliminating intermediaries for better product pricing.
  • The impact aggregates farmers credit worthiness for gaining financial aid.

The Future of Agritech:

Agritech is the future of farming, anchoring state-of-the-art technology to address food security, climate change & sustainability issues. As technology evolves, we shall expect more innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the importance of Agritech goes beyond just improving farming practices. As the global population constantly grows, the demand for food will increase. Agriculture technology offers us tools to meet this growing demand without weakening our natural resources.


Ultimately, Agritech is transforming the agricultural sector, using technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. These solutions are significantly impacting, from meticulous agriculture to drones & robots.

Additionally, this is also helping to address foremost challenges such as climate change & water scarcity. It will play a progressively important role in ensuring enough food as the world’s population grows.

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