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Acronis – Cyber Backup, Definition, Services

Acronis – Cyber Backup, Definition, Services


Acronis Data Cloud is a cloud platform that allows service providers, resellers & distributors to carry data protection services to their partners & customers. The services are provided at the partner level, down to the customer company level and the end-user level.

This Backup Cloud provides you with options & tools to protect any device at any location by backing up to any storage & recovering to any platform.

Why to use Acronis?

Acronis provides an uncomplicated, efficient & reliable way of keeping your data secure without spending much. Their products offer businesses & consumers contentment knowing that their precious information is safe from cyber threats, ransomware attacks, or other disasters.

Key Benefits of Using Acronis Cyber Backup:

Acronis solutions are known for being easy to use, reliable, and secure.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Acronis:

  • Complete data protection: Acronis protects all data types, including physical & virtual servers, workstations, mobile devices & cloud-based data.
  • Advanced cyber protection: AC solutions include antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware protection. They also offer a selection of tools to help you detect and respond to cyber-attacks.
  • Easy to use: AC solutions are designed to be user-friendly with data protection or cyber security. They also offer a selection of training & support resources to help you get the best of your investment.
  • Fast backups: Backing up the entire system as a single disk-image file is stress-free. Run backups when required, with no impact on overall performance. Save computer & networking capacity with de-duplication and off-host operations.

Acronis benefitting Businesses and individuals:

Acronis is ideal for businesses and individuals considering a wide-ranging and reliable data protection solution.

  • Businesses: Acronis can support companies in protecting their data from increasingly common ransomware attacks.
  • Individuals: Acronis can support individuals in protecting their data, such as photos, videos, and financial documents. Moreover, it also aids individuals in recovering their lost or stolen data.

Services Provided by Acronis:

The following services are available in Acronis Data Cloud:

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • File Sync & Share
  • Acronis Storage
  • Notary


Acronis is an award-winning company combining data protection and cyber security to protect all data, applications & systems. From user-friendly backup solutions that allow one to shield their entire system with security software to server deployment capabilities backed up with security software, Acronis is right with you!!!

With a track record of innovation and a commitment to safeguarding critical data, Acronis has become a trusted partner for businesses & individuals. Their solutions cover backup and recovery, disaster recovery, secure file sync & share, and anti-ransomware protection, addressing the evolving challenges of data management and security.

The company’s dedication to user-friendly interfaces and cloud-based services makes data protection accessible to organizations of all sizes. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Acronis remains at the forefront, ensuring that data remains safe, available, and resilient in an ever-changing world.

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