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Starting a New Business? Try Buzz Marketing with Miami Radio Stations and Online Platforms

Starting a New Business? Try Buzz Marketing with Miami Radio Stations and Online Platforms

Miami is one of the best cities to set up a business. In the age of the internet, not making your presence online and on-air can be crucial for your business. There’s no doubt that making your business known can significantly impact the profits that you make.

Posters and billboard advertisements were effective advertisements back in the day. However, with the advent of gadgets and social media, online and on-air advertisements are the ways to go when it comes to marketing.

What Is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is basically making a buzz or noise through word-of-mouth to make your presence or business known. This can be done online or offline and will greatly increase traffic on your socials and overall visits to your business. This type of marketing encourages conversations among friends and family members or discussions on social media platforms.

This marketing strategy is effective since it produces all-encompassing content, which is usually done by influencers. The buzz created can produce something big, such as conversations, engagement, PR, traffic, web referrals, and more.

Furthermore, people fear missing out. Many of us want to be part of a conversation, especially about products or services that other people have availed of. The best example of this is a viral post where people like and share content online and offline with their family and friends.

Standard Advertising Is Expensive

The most known advertisements are television ads, posters, billboards, and newspaper ads. Although these are effective, they can be costly. In 2019, the average cost of a 30-second commercial was $20,000. If you can shell out such an amount, you can go for traditional advertising platforms.

Moreover, hiring a PR company is expensive. Although the presence in the community is essential in establishing a business, you do not need a PR company to do that for you. A typical PR company promises more engagement to your brand. However, you can easily do such with buzz marketing.

Radio Advertisements Are Cheaper Than Standard Ones

Although radio advertisements are one of the standard channels of marketing, this one is far cheaper than other standard ad channels. However, it is often overlooked as a form of marketing. What people fail to realize is that the reach of radio has the same reach of TV ads, but cheaper.

Repetition is essential in radio advertising. By doing such repetition, with lower costs than typical channels, you will be sure that a buzz will revolve around your business. Also, creating a radio ad is quick. All you need to do is create a voice clip with minor editing, and you can have your ad run-on air smoothly immediately after.

How to Market Your Startup

Here’s how you can efficiently market your new business:

Online Influencers

Buzz marketing online is typically driven by influencers who usually get the product or service in advance. After that, they will share their thoughts and experiences after using the product or availing of their services. The main platforms used by these influencers are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

These influencers usually have an established presence in the online world and have a huge following. Their opinions can impact the way people view your business. Many are hooked by the appeal of these influencers and enjoy seeing the recommendations of these internet stars. Influencers can be celebrities, bloggers, or any person that people trust.

You can find online influencers almost everywhere. When opting for this buzz, you can start by assessing the follower count. Those with a huge following in their accounts can be considered an online influencer. You can also easily search online celebs and bloggers that have good engagements on their accounts.

Online Ads

Aside from getting online influencers, business owners can also make a buzz using their accounts via Facebook or Instagram ads. These social media platforms have a business management option that lets you manage how to run your ads. These ads can start for as low as $3 per day.

Radio Ads

As mentioned, radio advertisements are far cheaper than other standard advertising platforms. Also, making a radio ad is faster and easier. If you are interested in utilizing radio ads, then you should know the following details:

1. Your target market: Have a profile of your intended customers. This will help you look for a radio station that caters to your preferred customer demographic. Listeners are categorized as listeners of news, pop culture, music, and other types of entertainment.

2. Airing time: You can choose whether it’s daytime, afternoon, nighttime, and midnight. Ask your local radio station of the best possible time for you to advertise your business. Radio stations have different listeners at different times of the day. Your products should be recommended to the right listeners at the right airing time.

3. Duration of your radio ad: You should know how long your radio ad is. If it’s too short, the listeners might easily forget about it. If it’s too long, listeners will get bored. Also, you should know how many times in a time slot you should run your advertisement.

4. Making your radio ad: The first thing you should have is the script for your ad. Make sure that your ad has repeating words or a tagline to make it stick to the minds of the listeners. Your phone number, Facebook page, and other social media accounts should also be included in the script.

Next, find a voice actor or any person you know that is fit for your ad. Third, have an editor to make minor edits to your voice clip. Add music or sound effects to make your ad more entertaining.

5. Lastly, look for a radio station that is suitable for your advertising needs: The best way to look for one is to search for rankings and reviews online, like rankings, for top radio stations in your area.


Starting a business is one thing. Marketing your business is another. If you have a budget to shell out for traditional advertising platforms, then good for you. However, if you have a limited budget for marketing, make use of online platforms and radio stations to let the word out there about your startup.

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Lauren Cordell is a marketing expert who writes for various business and lifestyle websites. She typically writes about marketing businesses and startup strategies to help small businesses. If she’s not writing, she likes sitting in the park while reading a book.

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