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How AI Boosts your Company’s Productivity? – [2020]

How AI Boosts your Company’s Productivity? – [2020]

Every company strives for higher productivity, regardless of its shape, size, or industry. We show ways to increase productivity for everyone through AI in the workplace.

Mastering Current Challenges with the Cloud

The first step in increasing productivity is to move your business to the cloud (if you haven’t already). As a small business owner, you likely work long hours tackling customer care and business growth challenges. Added to this are administration, acquisition of new customers, and many other tasks. In any case, cloud computing can help deal with these processes and undertakings all the more proficiently. You can do your business anyplace on the planet – regardless of whether from home, on the couch, or a lounger on the seashore – and at last be more profitable.

With Cloud Computing Comes the Possibility of Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your Company

In a study of “The State of AI in the Enterprise Survey ” by Deloitte, AI experts worldwide gave an insight into the current state of the development of artificial intelligence in their companies. The elimination of recurring tasks in the workplace is also seen as an advantage of AI. The effect of staff savings plays a secondary role in the survey (20 percent). We have already discussed elsewhere how you can use AI sensibly in your company. Here are three ways you can use AI to reduce the time you spend on administration and gain more time for productivity.

AI Boosts company

3 Ways to Reduce Administration and Increase Productivity Through AI

1. Set up a Smart Assistant to Answer your Customers’ Inquiries

Whether you want to call it a smart assistant or an AI chatbot, organizations worldwide use this technology. From Google and Apple to Marriott International, companies are just beginning to take advantage of the benefits. How can AI help you react to your customers’ queries faster?

Customers ask questions, and instead of repeating your answers to common questions every time, you can program your smart assistant to do it for you. That means your customer service team has more time to deal with escalating issues and other less common matters.

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This will make you more efficient. And if you can respond quickly, your customers will stay on board. Remember: happy customers lead to higher sales. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Use AI to decrease your authoritative burden and become more gainful

We depend on our PDAs for everything: the climate, headings, music, and then some (counting an intermittent call …). So, for what reason are endless organizations actually utilizing spreadsheets, divided records, and even pen and paper for authoritative errands? This is not infrequently the case – 55% of SMEs still manage their data using these methods.

So it’s no wonder that the report “ Sweating the Small Stuff“Showed that small and medium-sized businesses spend 120 days a year on administration alone. This means that every year they spend around a third of their time on tasks that do not add any additional value to their company in external markets. That does not have to be that way.

AI can empower you to do business more efficiently. Communicating with a smart assistant is as easy as sending a friend a message on their cell phone. However, your new friend (i.e., the Smart Assistant) does some administrative work for you.

3. Let a Smart Accounting Assistant Manage your Expenses

Let’s put it bluntly: because of the administration, you have less time to focus on what matters most to you. The motivation behind why you began your organization in any case. Your genuine intrigue. You can do exactly that with keen bookkeeping colleagues fit for overseeing everything from cash to workers.

Imagine what your average day running your business looks like. And imagine that day again, but this time without the need to spend hours managing your expenses or waiting in line to speak to a customer service representative. It’s perfectly clear what you would prefer, right?

Not everyone is called to be an accounting expert. Often times, entrepreneurs and small business owners take on this role without fully understanding the activity. Smart assistants programmed by specialists for bookkeeping are available to minimize human errors so that you can close your books correctly the first time.

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