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4 Things You Can Do To Save The Earth

4 Things You Can Do To Save The Earth

Things You Can Do To Save The Earth: Our planet is nearing collapse little by little due to reckless lifestyles. The rise of pollution and population is contributing to dangerous levels of loss of plant life. The scary part is that not enough efforts to slow this down are being made. Governments and organizations can push for an eco-friendly slogan, but there’s only so much they can do. The rest of the job falls to the general public to chip in and do their part.

The main issue is everyone shifting the blame and problem to other people. Considering yourself not a part of the problem is the problem. The movement to protect and save the earth needs any help it can get. It may seem like too difficult a change to incorporate into your lifestyle. Thinking like this leads to the public making no effort at all. That is where this article comes in. Below are several ways you can make a difference both in a big or small way.

1: Do Your Research

Before you can make any sort of action, research is needed. Research about the environmental effects of products and small actions to be specific. This research acts as the prerequisite to any action you will take. Going to protests is great but understanding why is even better. The point is to change beliefs to incorporate a different lifestyle.

Conducting research informs you about the negative effects on the world around you. This can include the effects of deforestation or ocean plastic. Not only will you be informed, but you will be more motivated to change your ways. Being informed about an issue brings to light what you can do to stop it. More importantly, it pushes you to make the effort to stop it instead of living with it.

2: Protest Against Deforestation

Deforestation is contributing significantly to the collapse of entire ecosystems. Entire forests are cleared out to make room for new plantations or buildings. In some areas, wood is used to create products for consumers too. The rise in demand for these raw materials leads to more deforestation taking place.

What we can do to mitigate deforestation is to protest against its products. A key ingredient used in many products is palm oil which is required from trees. Protesting against these products leads to lower demand for them overall. Choosing recycled packaging and even restricting the use of paper can help.

Above all, the best possible scenario is for governments to look for alternatives and take charge. For this to happen, the general public needs to raise awareness and act. Telling your friends and family can inform them of these harmful effects. Even posting a story online can make a difference.

3: Protest Against Ocean Pollution

The ocean has a rich ecosystem of plants and fish alike. There is vastly more ocean on the earth than there is land. In recent years, plastic consumption has increased significantly. This plastic is then discarded on the ocean surface where it disrupts the ecosystem. This plastic is eaten by the wildlife which fatally harms them. Clear surfaces and beaches are also riddled with trash and plastic too.

When it comes to what you can do there are both small and big actions to take. The simplest would be to reduce your use of plastic too. That means, getting rid of paper bags, plastic straws, and anything else you use. If enough people do this, it is bound to lead to less pollution overall. If you do possess a considerable amount of these products, it is important to recycle them.

If you live next to a beach or a lake then you can try hosting a cleanup event. This will be where like-minded people will show up and work on picking up the garbage around. The satisfaction after is well worth the effort you put in.

4: Push For Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for factories and daily life. The only problem is that the earth only has a limited number of these resources. Expending them more and more will lead to severe drawbacks in the long term. The only solution to this is to push for more green energy instead of fossil fuels.

At present, green energy is present in many forms. Wave energy, solar energy, and wind energy are all promising avenues. These can be used as the primary source of energy for entire countries if governments push for them. Yet these energy sources are used as a secondary source. Solar panels are used for households and rarely for factory operations. Wave energy is not fully utilized yet and needs more work. Wind farms often take lots of area and governments do not allocate enough.

The general public has to push for these alternatives to make a difference. Raising awareness and proving solutions can make a significant difference. One solution would be to host wind farms on floating platforms on the ocean surface. The power these sources generate can easily power factories and robotics. For example, a pick and place industrial robot can be powered by solar panels without much effort.


Climate change and global warming are the result of us taking advantage of the earth. Putting in the effort to not only stop dangerous lifestyles but incorporate better ones is needed. The above 4 solutions can act as the base for a better and cleaner earth.

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