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Best CRM Software for Accelerated Real Estate Sales

Built for real estate agencies of all sizes, Zoho CRM offers state-of-the-art sales process management, property management, and automation for real estate agents, real estate developers, and brokerage firms. Add more housing deals to the all-in-one real estate CRM platform designed for your business.

What is a CRM software for real estate?

CRM software for real estate is a system that takes care of various requirements of real estate agents and real estate companies. From managing incoming requests, to preparing price quotes and selling a property, the CRM for Real Estate system takes care of comprehensive process management for real estate agencies. With dynamic capabilities on both desktops and mobiles, you’ll have more time to focus on each deal and grow your business.

How important is CRM for brokers?

When it comes to real estate businesses, how you interact with existing clients plays an essential role in how you acquire future clients. Real estate is about building trust and it is not surprising that 82% of new property sales are from referrals from existing contacts, previous clients, friends or family. Basically, implementing a CRM software can provide incredible results for brokers as it helps them manage their inbound leads, keep track of interactions, and stay on top of important tasks.

Quickly guide leads through the sales flow using Zoho CRM’s highly effective lead management capabilities. Generate leads from web forms, live website chats, social media, or business cards and include them in the Zoho CRM sales stream. Automatically assign leads to sales reps using predefined workflow rules and use lead scoring to determine which leads the team should focus on.

Zoho CRM helps you complete the sales cycle by enabling the team to create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and receipts in your accounts. Manage all your after-sales processes using powerful inventory management features and share your quotes and invoices with potential customers using custom email and invoice templates.

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