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IMO Class 5 2013 Question Paper
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IMO Class 5 2013 Question Paper

The Science Olympiad Foundation hosts an annual Olympiad Mathematics test for students in grades 1 through 12. The International Mathematics Olympiad exam is the full name of the IMO test. The IMO test is designed to discover and encourage students who have the potential to become scientists or technicians in the future. IMO exams enable qualified students to compete with students from across the world. It allows pupils to assess their mathematical abilities. The IMO results give pupils a picture of their academic progress. A student’s performance report contains detailed evaluations of the student’s exam performance. Students who want to take the IMO exam should familiar with the requirements. The International Mathematics Olympiad is a yearly mathematics competition for school children organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation. For the benefit of students, the comprehensive IMO Olympiad eligibility conditions are given here. It is worth noting that the IMO exam eligibility standards are lenient and have not changed in several years. Before beginning their IMO exam preparation, students should be familiar with the entire IMO exam eligibility criteria to ensure that they are eligible.

IMO Class 5 Eligibility Criteria

Students from SOF schools are eligible to apply for IMO. The schools must select any exam date that is convenient for them and register for it 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) before the exam day. Students who are interested in taking the SOF IMO exam can do so at their schools. If the schools are unable to participate in the IMO exam, individual registrations are accepted. The SOF IMO exam requires a minimum of 10 pupils from each institution to register.

  1. The Level 1 IMO examinations paper is open to students in grades 1 through 12 who want to assess their academic performance in mathematics.
  2. Levels 1 and 2 of the IMO tests are offered.
  3. Students who completed level 1 with a minimum score are eligible to take the IMO level 2 exam.

Level 1 IMO exam Requirements

Regardless of their academic record, all students in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to take the Level 1 IMO exam. The reasonable eligibility criteria for level 1 IMO examinations paper contribute to a higher level of engagement among students around the world. Students in grades 1 to 12 can apply for the IMO level 1 exam whether they are studying within or outside of the country.

Level 2 IMO exam Requirements

Students in Classes 3 through 12 take the IMO Level 2 exams. Students in these classes who scored at least a B on the Level 1 IMO test paper are then considered for the Level 2 exam. The following are the requirements for students who want to take the level 2 IMO exam paper.

  • At the international level, the top five students are eligible for Level 2 tests.
  • The Level 2 IMO exam is open to the top 25 students in each class and zone.
  • The top scorers in each section qualify for the IMO Level 2 exam.
  • Rank holders from each participating institution, with a minimum of 10 students from each class taking the exam and scoring 50% or above.
  • Students in Classes 1 and 2 are not needed to take the level 2 exam because their grades will be determined by their performance on the level 1 exam.

The Exam Pattern:

For the student of 1 to 4th standard

  • In the IMO exam paper, there are a total of 35 questions.
  • The IMO exam lasts 60 minutes if you attempt 35 questions.

You can also refer to IMO Class 5 2013 Question Paper.

IMO Exam For students of 1 to 4th standard including section 4:

  1. Section: Logical Reasoning (10 questions)
  2. Section: Mathematical Reasoning (10 questions)
  3. Section: Every day Mathematics (10 questions)
  4. Section: Achiever Section (5 questions)

For the student of 5 to 12th standard

  1. Students who are taking the tests must answer 50 questions.
  2. The IMO exam lasts 60 minutes if you attempt 50 questions.

There are four sections in the IMO Exam Question Paper for Classes 5 to 12.

  • The first section is on logical Reasoning 15 questions
  • The second section is on Mathematical Reasoning with 20 questions
  • The third section is on Basic Mathematical Concepts with 10 questions
  • The fourth section is the Achiever section with 5 questions.

How to apply for IMO?  

Interested candidates should contact their schools for IMO exam registration forms. Following the processes below, students can apply for a registration form through their schools.

  • The prospectus, which includes the registration forms, will be sent to the schools that have registered with SOF.
  • Primarily, schools must register with SOF. Students can register for classes at their local schools.
  • If the school is not already registered with SOF, it can nevertheless receive potential students by contacting SOF.
  • SOF can be reached by phone (0124-4951200) or email by schools.
  • Interested candidates can complete out forms with all pertinent information and submit them to their respective offices.

Registration Fee

  • 125 Rupees as registration fees per student for Indian schools.
  • For test administration, instructor remuneration, or other incidental costs, schools may charge an additional INR 125 with GST.

How to prepare for IMO Exam:

The IMO Exam patterns are designed from the school syllabus. No additional books are required for exam preparation. Students should know the basics of Mathematics for clearing level 1and Level2. Questions are quite different from the school’s questions they are not the same. IMO Exams are based on an MCQ pattern where students need to mark their answers on the OMR sheet. So, if a child is unaware of the OMR sheet it is the responsibility of parents to make aware of it.

How to fill the OMR sheet:

  • For deepening the bubbles, only use a blue or black ballpoint pen. Because fountain or gel pens can tamper with the sheet, they are not recommended.
  • Pencils are also absolutely prohibited unless otherwise specified in the directions on the sheet. Use only HB or 2B pencils in that instance.

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