5 Things You Need To Know Before Signing Up For New TV Service

Choosing a new TV provider is a big decision. Whether you’re switching TV providers because you’re unhappy with the service, hoping for a better deal or moving; taking the extra time to do all your research can be exhausting. Choose the wrong TV provider or wrong TV package and your whole family could get upset. To make sure you’re ready to sign up for that new TV provider, we’ve put together a list to help make that decision easier and ensure you won’t have buyer’s remorse later. Here are five things you need to know before signing up for new cable TV service.

1. Service Availability

Before making any decisions, see what TV providers are available at your address. You can find the perfect TV provider for your family and it won’t matter if it’s not available where you live. Unfortunately, with most TV providers where you live still very much matters and what’s available in town might not be available at your address.

2. Monthly Cost

How much room is there in the monthly budget for TV service? Pricing for TV packages vary wildly from $50 a month to over $100 a month. You’ll want to know what you can comfortably spend before choosing a new TV provider, plan or any extra add-ons. The monthly cost of TV service always goes up and is the number one reason why people switch TV providers. Do yourself the favor now and establish a comfortable TV budget so your TV bill doesn’t become more than your family can handle anytime soon.

3. Review Channel Packages

The best TV service will turn out to be a major dud if you didn’t get your favorite channels or can’t watch your favorite shows. Before you commit to a channel package, make sure all the channels you and your family like to watch are included with service. Some of the more obscure channels might not even be on the TV provider you want, so it’s wise to check before signing up. For example the NFL Sunday Ticket is only available on DISH TV. So, if you’re a family full of football fans, you might not have many acceptable alternatives with any other TV provider.

4. Ask For New Customer Promotions

The best deals you’re ever going to get with your next TV provider is the day you sign up for service with them. Ask them what new customer deals and promotions they have to offer that day. You can expect deals like free premium channels for a limited amount of time, free voice remotes, reduced monthly price for an allotted amount of time, free on-demand content and more. You won’t know what they have unless you ask. Be sure to compare all promotional offers across any TV provider candidates. If there’s a couple TV providers in the running, a desirable promotion may make it easier to decide. Simply note when any limited time offers expire so you can deal with them before you get a surprise bill in the mail.

5. Contracts Or Commitments

While choosing a new TV provider it’s important to know if there are any contracts or commitments required to sign up for service. If you’re moving to somewhere temporary like a rented apartment or think you may move in the not so distant future, a contract won’t be right for you. With contracts come early termination fees. You don’t want to catch yourself in a scenario where you have to move before you have fulfilled your contractual agreement. Early termination fees can be steep and hardly avoided unless you’re lucky enough to have a provider that will also service the next address.

Conversely if you agree to a contract and credit qualify, you’ll get the very best deals that your new prospective TV provider has to offer you. You could save hundreds of dollars per year on TV service this way and get some pretty cool stuff in return.

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