Is an Accident with an Animal Covered by Car Insurance?

You have probably seen animals such as raccoons, deer, and coyotes near the roadways. You may also have seen bigger animals close to the road, like elk in the mountain areas and cows in the areas that have open range. The majority of the time the animals know to stay away from the loud cars on the road, however sometimes they will wind up on a road when any car is approaching.

Nobody wants to get hit by an animal when driving. Besides hurting the innocent creature, colliding with the animal can cause severe injuries or damage to the vehicle. You must know what you can do in case you hit the animal on road, and how an accident injury lawyer will help to protect your vehicle from any kind of expensive damage.

Can insurance cover hit the animal?

Yes, suppose you have a comprehensive insurance policy it can cover any kind of damage to your vehicle if you hit any animal. The comprehensive covers you in case you swerve and avoid an animal or hit a pole, tree, and another object. Suppose you see any deer on the road & swerve your vehicle in another vehicle, the collision coverage can kick in rather than your comprehensive. It is considered an auto accident at this point rather than an animal collision.

Different Kinds of the Animal Collisions

Collisions will happen with different kinds of animals. The crashes involving wild animals, like cross roadways, deer, leading to over 50,000 wrecks every year! The accidents involving cars & animals also happen amongst the livestock. Cows getting loose from the enclosures pose some serious risk to the drivers, as the full-grown bovine will weigh over 1,000 pounds. The loose pets pose a high danger to the drivers since they might suddenly dart into the roadway.

Common Damages Because of Animals:

  • The wild or large animal might dart towards the car when driving through the forest or the wildlife area causing some severe damage.
  • The rodent or pest will chew your car wiring present in an engine compartment and causing damage to the wiring system of your car.
  • The animal might have gained entry into the cabin of a car through the unattended window and sunroof, and allowing this to cause severe damage to the exterior & interior of the car.
  • Pet will have a chewed seat or upholstery that needs repair.

Collision Coverage

All kinds of insurance coverage will not pay for the damage to your car all along with various other damages, in case you’re involved in an accident with the deer and another wild animal. Suppose you have got liability insurance, there’s not any coverage you have to pay for the damages to your car in an event of the accident – and your coverage pays for various others’ damages you’re found liable.

Suppose you carry collision insurance, this kind of policy pays for the damage to your vehicle in an event of an accident with the animal. Suppose you are the passenger in a car or sustain any injury in an auto and animal accident, you can make the claim with your collision coverage for any kind of damages.

Final Words

Suppose there is not any car policy applicable in the situation, there are other types of insurance that you can file the claim with. The landowner’s insurance & government policies will be the best option, which depends on an accident cause. Suppose your car gets damaged & you have got applicable collision and comprehensive coverage, called accident injury lawyer to start your car claim.

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